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Date added: 2014-07-02 Length: 00:34:13 Rating:
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Description : Mother's Day is coming up, and Misty Stone has got a really great idea to get her sister and mom all a full release treatment at the spa! Well, when she walks in and Dani Daniels is cleaning up for the day, Dani immediately likes what she sees. Since no one's around and Misty is so excited to spend money on gift cards, Dani offers her a free full release treatment as a teaser. Dani takes her time expertly caressing every inch of Misty's body from head to toe. Eventually Dani moves in for the kill, gently caressing Misty's booty while practically drooling to take a taste. Dani takes little steps testing to see if Misty is comfortable. When Dani starts to massage Misty's pussy she has no objections. Dani is such a professional at eating pussy that Misty just can't protest the excruciating pleasure Dani gives her. Misty will never be able to stay away! I can't wait to see what happens on Mother's Day!
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Description : Kendall White works in 'customer service', or at least that's all she is willing to tell her masseuse Sadie Santana when they first meet. Kendall has always had issues with shyness when encountering people for the first time, so the whole experience of getting a massage was something she thought would feel awkward. That's why she waited so long to book her appointment. She was thrilled when she finally found a day spa that only serviced female clients and once she got settled in under the magic fingers of her exotic therapist, the tension and apprehension began to fade quickly. Sadie, asks her to close her eyes and when she least expects it, lands a soft wet kiss right on her mouth as a method of providing a tongue massage! From that point on, Kendall would have let Ms. Santana do just about anything she wanted with that perfect naked body of hers!
Date added: 2013-09-23 Length: 00:25:38 Rating:
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Description : Nikki Heart's back has been killing her lately. Being a Artist may be a gift but tattooing can get rough. Bending over for countless hours of the day took a toll on Nikki. Luckily she came to the right place. Gorgeous Daisy Marie was immediately turned on by Nikki's pierced nipples and small petite body. Daisy had no objections when Nikki asked if she could arrange to do ''extra things''. The two petite girls went to town on licking each others pussies. They both had a hard time getting their tongues out of each others pussies until both girls had intense orgasms.