You're The Boss!

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Video Description: Veronica Valentine is a new receptionist for a massage parlor. When her boss, Kenzie Taylor, greets her, Veronica's excited to announce that her first day's going well! Kenzie's glad to hear that Veronica's enjoying work so far, but would she be willing to do her a favor? 'Yeah, of course, you're the boss!' Veronica enthuses as she follows Kenzie downstairs.

Once they're in the massage parlor, Kenzie reveals that she'd like to try a new massage technique on Veronica to make sure it's good. Veronica, eager to please, easily agrees. She strips down and lays on the massage table, waiting for her boss' skilled hands to get to work.

Veronica enjoys the sensual massage, lost in the moment, until Kenzie starts rubbing her pussy. Startled, she asks Kenzie if that's a normal part of the massage. Kenzie insists that it will be, yes, because this is the special technique she wanted to try... Only if Veronica's up for it, of course. Veronica, still wanting to get on her boss' good side, happily consents and settles back to enjoy the happy ending.

The sensual massage goes above and beyond anything Veronica ever could've imagined as Kenzie fingers her and eats her out. The tribbing is a nice touch, too! When she's given her chance to return the favor, she jumps at it, making sure that Kenzie feels as good as she does. It looks like this new massage technique is a hit!

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Re watched this today. Holds up fantastic. Great worship. Great dialogue. The sex was a lot of fun. My thanks to everyone involved
2020-01-05 10:40
“The worst” someone’s been talking to Nicole Haught lol “orgasms promote a happy healthy work environment”. I love all of the dialogue. The sex is scorching and Veronica Valentine could probably cut glass with those nipples. Hot stuff
2019-08-25 10:15
Mister Big
I liked this one a lot. It reminded me of some of the more classic AGM of the glorious past.
2019-04-23 21:02
This is a great introduction to Veronica Valentine for me and Kenzie Taylor is icing on the cake.
2019-04-22 04:47
Happy employee's that's an urban myth. Although if my boss was as hot and sexy as Kenzie Taylor I would let her do what ever she wanted to me.
2019-04-15 23:57