You Still Up?

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Video Description: Two teens' best friends, Alexis Tae and Scarlit Scandal can't get any rest as they both toss and turn in bed... and it's all because of the scary movie marathon they had during their slumber party! They're both so tense and restless, wondering what they can do to relax when Alexis suggests brushing Scarlit's hair. It always calms HER down,so maybe it'll help calm Scarlit as well?

Although Scarlit is a bit shy, she's game for it. Of course, as Alexis brushes her fingers through Scarlit's hair, although it starts off innocent enough, there is no denying the chemistry between the besties. That growing heat leads to Alexis naturally giving Scarlit a sensual scalp massage, which only fires them up even more instead of calming them down.

When Scarlit accidentally moans, giving away just how much she's enjoying the scalp massage, that's when Alexis makes her mischievous move. What better ways for them to tucker themselves out than by having a sexy midnight romp?

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Scarlit Scandal is amazing. She should be used in many more GW or AGM scenes. She has become one of my "Top 10
2021-09-15 21:18
I loved the way they put their pussies on display at the end
2021-09-01 22:11
One of the best lesbian film for me. These two girls are absolutely impeccable together.
2021-06-22 08:59
Dark Bagger
Absolutely stunning actresses. Scarlit has such a pretty eyes, and Alexis has one of the best bodies I've seen.
2021-06-12 09:30
Winnie the Pooh
Aaaaw! What a sweet, lovely, tender scene. Both girls are crazy gorgeous, immensely adorable and they gave terrific performances. My only complaint: considering it's an AGM video and both women have absolutely delicious bodies, the scene should contain more body worship. In particular, Scarlit's perferct breasts did not receive enough attention. They are divine and deserve to be worshipped. Aside from that, watching Scarlit and Alexis was truly a delight.

I would like to emphasize how blown away I am by Scarlit's beauty. She's a goddess. She really is. Adult Time has featured many, many beautiful and incredibly sexy women, but Scarlit shines brightly even among them all. She's one of *the* most ravishing women I have ever seen. Please, please, please, keep hiring her.
2021-06-11 16:42