Who On Earth HATES Massages!

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Video Description: Lacy Lennon is manning the front desk at the massage parlor when Kristen Scott nervously enters. Kristen explains that she got a gift certificate from her boyfriend for a massage and that she'd like a refund. She doesn't like massages, having not had good experiences with them in the past. When Lacy inquires about it, Kristen admits that she's only been massaged by men and it's always left her more sore than what she started with!

Lacy insists that she's not supposed to do returns. However, she's convinced that the problem is that Kristen's never been massaged by a WOMAN before. So, if Kristen lets HER massage her and she still hates massages, then Lacy will refund the certificate. If Kristen LIKES the massage, then Lacy will give her a discount on her next one! Since it's a win-win situation, Kristen gives in.

Lacy soon encourages Kristen to strip down and lay on the massage table. As soon as Lacy begins the massage, Kristen begins to relax. Although Kristen tries to stubbornly act like she's not enjoying the massage, it's obvious to Lacy. Since Lacy really wants to make this a massage that Kristen will never forget, she soon makes the massage more... intimate... Even though Kristen is startled at first, with some coaxing from Lacy, Kristen soon sits back to enjoy her happy ending.

Kristen's mind is blown as Lacy dives into her pussy, taking her pleasure to new heights. It isn't long before Kristen eagerly returns the attention, wanting to give as good as she gets. Although she doesn't want to admit it, Kristen has to agree that getting massaged by a woman is WAY better! She'll never hate on massages ever again!

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Magical, Lacy seems to get the best out of every partner she appears with. Kristen's gush is the biggest I have ever seen. 2 69's lots of face sitting, a great trib. This is in my top 10 all time best.
2020-07-06 11:48
I want to swallow all of Kristens beautiful cum and kiss her and fuck her passionately ugghhhh she's so fucking gorgeous!!
2020-07-06 07:31
Lacy really respects Kristens pussy! That tongue bath suggests Lacy wants to be taken home afterwards...great idea, too! Kristen reciprocated greatly. Epic scene!
There is deep admiration in this performance. A new standard, I think. Dripping cum is hotter than squirting, more erotic to dabble with. So many cues to be taken
for other scenes. The two should play together with different story lines. Thank You!
2020-06-20 11:40
am I the only one who prefers plot over the sex
2020-06-17 23:03
user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
OMFG! WAS THAT ANYTHING BUT FUCKING SPECTACULAR? So many great things to say about this one. The acting(of course) is phenomenal. The bushes are fabulous. That first creamy orgasm by Kristen was super erotic! I can't remember when l have seen Kristen's labia so swollen and her that sensitive. When Lacy let her hair down, I almost came from just that alone! Lacy's verbal orgasm announcements are super sultry and fantastic. And of course Kristen's pattented unique O's are legendary. Lacy's massage techniques are accurate and convincing. She could massage me anytime, anywhere! The Tribbing was intense and very well filmed Whitney! I loved all the position changes just in the tribbing scene was amazing. This is by far the best All Girl Massage scene I've ever seen. Three of the top Ladies at their peak. Lacy is looking fantastic. Fit, toned and that ASS! And of course that fabulous Red Hair. I still think Kristen is one of the best at eating pussy while giving eye contact to her partner. No matter how intense or squirmy they get, she doesn't break that contact. Incredibly sensual and erotic. Her stamina and techniques are mind boggling.
Thank you very much ladies. Lacy, Kristen and to Whitney for your superior direction. Kudos to your team and crew!
Thank you Bree for continued excellence from all these videos. At this rate, I'll never cancel my subscription!
This one's definitely a keeper and a rewatch often!
2020-06-16 02:07