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Video Description: Shay Parker had the option of having a man or a woman massage her, but she prefers a woman's hands on her body, so she chose Alyssa Reece. Alyssa used a little bit of oil to relax Shay's muscles and Shay watched Alyssa's hands move up and down her legs, higher and higher until she put Alyssa's hands on her wet pussy. Alyssa sucked on Shay's hard nipples before taking off her purple satin robe so she could rub her body on Shay's. She teased Shay by kissing her legs and stomach, then blew on her clit before sucking on it. She rubbed her fingers on her wet pussy until Shay orgasmed. Shay returned the favor by putting her mouth in between Alyssa's legs.

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Love Alyssa Reece, but lose the shoes. Completely out of place.
2021-08-15 05:57
Jesus Christ-Could not have been any Hotter-Both girls beautiful-Fantastic-how could there possibly be 3 dislikes? They could not possibly have been watching this video....
2015-06-21 22:25