Where Is Susan?

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Video Description: Diana and Jennifer are new trainees about to start an internship in massage therapy. When they arrive at the massage parlor they find out that their instructor is running late and won't be there for another hour. They decide to use the time to practice. Jennifer has more experience so they decide that she will show Diana a few techniques. Diana gets naked and as Jennifer rubs her body she keeps grabbing her hands and pulling them up onto her tits. Jennifer is nervous that they are going to get caught messing around, but Diana is aggressive. She grabs and kisses Jennifer and that really gets Jennifer going. She starts kissing Diana's tits then drags her tongue down her body and eats Diana's pussy right there on the massage table. Diana is so worked up she cums all over Jennifer's tongue then she gets up an tells Jennifer to lay down on the table. It was her turn to get licked and cum.

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These Ladies were very hot an sexy ..... More Please ...
2015-08-03 05:55