Well, This Is Awkward...

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Video Description: Nicole Aria comes in for her massage appointment. However, it turns out that her scheduled masseuse is Bella Rolland, her ex-girlfriend. Bella offers to find another masseuse so things won't get awkward, and asks her straight colleague, Kenna James, to replace her as Nicole's masseuse. Kenna is happy to help, and agrees to do it. With that settled, Nicole is introduced to Kenna in the private massage room. Nicole strips down for the massage, and Kenna begins working on her.

Back in the massage parlor's lobby, Bella tries to remain professional, working at the front desk. But due to jealousy, she makes up an excuse to justify spying on the massage. She sneaks up to the door of the massage room, and opens the door a bit so she can observe as Kenna slowly and sensually massages Nicole. They are both unaware that Bella is watching, and that she's getting so turned on by the sight that she's starting to masturbate as she watches them.

Eventually, Nicole starts to flirt with Kenna, who surprisingly likes it. Kenna wonders if maybe she's not so straight after all, and Nicole offers to help her figure that out. Nicole and Kenna start making out, but then Bella suddenly has an outburst, saying that SHE should be the one having sex with Nicole. Nicole and Kenna are startled by Bella's presence, and it becomes clear that Bella isn't completely over Nicole. Naturally, the solution to this is a threesome! They all strip down, and make good use of the massage table so they can taste and touch each other everywhere. It looks like they don't have to worry about awkwardness anymore!

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Nicole is sexy af
2021-10-13 18:09
Is that a…. slice of pepperoni pizza??
2021-10-01 01:15
These comments are off the wall.. like, the lighting could have been better, but y'all are cutting into every little thing with a fine tooth comb.. hella rude. You don't like, you don't watch. But more than likely that won't happen, because then what will your pessimist asses strive during your days?
Scene was great. The first few minutes were funny, and they got right to the point.
2021-09-24 08:55
no you're wrong. if people want to leave a review on a video they can. Even if they are dissatisfied with the video. Just like movie critics, food critics, etc. Comment section isnt just for positive comments only
2021-09-27 02:49
from somebody say ya'll...gimme a break
2021-10-13 18:09
Lt Starbuck59
this scene is very weird and messy
2021-09-24 05:39
Agree with the others. Weird skin tones. Hard to watch. However, I'll disagree with the boob job comments. They're better than most, but, as usual, they were better before. Love the skin you're in, ladies.
2021-09-24 01:13