Volleyball Mishap

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Starring Siri, Jelena Jensen
Video Description: Siri has always been open to doing new things, and meeting new people. Today she's booked a volleyball lesson and a massage at the country club. Jelena Jensen is an expert masseuse with a great sense for teaching, so the club put her on double duty today with Siri. First a lesson in bouncing tits, bets with stipping consequences and then, finally a sensual massage. Siri, is forward, but Jelena doesn't mind. When Jelena's top finally comes off in the massage, it's not long before Siri is playing with their all natural massive tits, and massaging parts of each other that Jelena wasn't expecting. How far will Jelena be willing to go with Siri? Watch this beautiful video to see.

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Terrible scene no chemistry at all
2015-08-31 15:07
When i first saw the Volleyball setting, I thought of a series for you that would be a homage to the great (?) nudist colony movies of the 60s (thy all featured topless girls' volleyball). They would all be set in the "Doris Wishman Nudist Park for Top-Heavy Tarts", where hot modelscan relax in the seclusion that only a site like this can provide. A different sport/activity would be showcased each episode. Jelena, of course, would be our "guide.
2015-02-07 21:03
Jesus! There's a whole lotta titty in that room
2015-02-02 21:57
I really love the idea of two big busted girls playing volleyball BUT, there should have been more teasing, breasts coming out of the tops, bending over showing breasts in the tops. IN the massage room, close ups between the legs, Jelena should have had pussy licked.....come on. Please do another scene like this...
2015-01-25 19:20
Fantastic, lots more JJ please! Siri is great too.
2015-01-23 14:40