Vacation Time

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Video Description: After a long day in court Sierra Nicole is beat. Having a plane to catch in the morning, she figures what better way to unwind for a long flight than with a massage the night before. Lana Rhoades escorts her to the massage room and innocently watches her undress, she giggles, clearly pleased with what she's seeing.

She starts working on her back: noticing all the knots, she works them hard. Moving down to her legs she massages them up and down getting a little closer to her ass with each stroke. Asking her to turn over, Sierra discards the towel covering her perfect tits, it's clear she feels comfortable with Lana. She massages her legs moving her hands up and down, grazing her pussy and making sure she's enjoying herself. Teasing her she gets close to her face but doesn't kiss her. Lana knows she has her now and she certainly gonna take advantage.

She goes in for a kiss and they make out passionately. Oiling her up again she starts massaging her pussy as Sierra moans. Lana climbs on the table, confident now that she has her exactly where she wants her. She kisses her chest and licks her tits, inserting a finger in her mouth. Lying on top of her they make out more passionately than before. She plays with her pussy, rubbing her clit till she cums. She goes down on her eating that soaked pussy making sure to lick up all her juices. Its Lana's turn as Sierra pours oil all over her ass, massaging it deeply into her skin. Lana then proceeds to sit on her face and face fuck her. They kiss as they play with each other's pussies. They scissor and trib and cum and again and again. Sierra asks if she can get squeezed in before her flight, it looks like they'll be cumming together again in the morning!!

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the added beauty of Lana and Sierra is both of them are hairy
2019-12-29 14:16
Lana Rhoades is a master and lead slowly Sierra where she needed to be for climax
2019-12-29 14:07
Lana and Cherry Kiss are the best. Period.
2019-01-16 18:51
Lana Rhoades is amazingly hot. Sierra is looking good in this scene as well, but Lana is just wow.
One criticism though: this scene would be an all-time great if it only had a longer seduction phase. As it's written now, it seems like the client goes to see her specifically to get her groove on, rather than for a massage that ends up leading into it naturally. Hey, to me the seduction is the best part of an AGM scene, what can I say?
2017-12-19 02:48
asses are awesome, oil is awesome, ass licking could have been though...nice butts!!!
2017-12-18 16:15