Two Can Play That Game

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Video Description: Karina arrived for her massage appointment and met her masseuse Erica who told her about the different types of massage they offered. The two women retreated to the massage room, Karina stripped, laid down on the table and let Erica go to work pouring the sexy hot oil on her body and begin rubbing it in. Karina was a little self-conscious being nearly naked so Erica offered to strip as well so she wouldn't feel out of place. With both girls naked Erica made her move. She started rubbing Karina's tits and when she didn't stop her she slid her hands down Karina's body and rubbed her pussy. She then spread her legs and started licking her pussy. Karina pulled Erica on top of her so the girls could get into a 69 and she could eat Erica's pussy while Erica licked hers. Both women had intense orgasms as they licked and tongue fucked each other's tight, sweet pussies.

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Karina White
2019-08-29 06:10