Tricking My New Step-Mom

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Video Description: Goldie Glock is about to meet her new step-mom, Marie McCray, for the first time, although she's not happy about it. Since her new mom is around her own age, Goldie is convinced that she's up to no good... But just when she arrives at the household, her dad calls and tells her that he's going to be late for dinner, which means she needs to meet Marie on her own.

When she knocks, Marie meets her at the door but mistakes her as the masseuse she's hired! Although she's confused at first, Goldie then realizes this is the perfect opportunity to get some dirt on Marie. How hard can it be being a masseuse...?

Once she's inside Marie's house and Marie makes herself comfortable on her own personal massage table, Goldie grabs some oil and begins the massage. As soon as Marie starts relaxing, Goldie begins asking personal questions, trying to get Marie to out herself as some horrible golddigger. Yet, Marie continues to be sweet throughout, even voicing her concerns about meeting her step-daughter later and hoping that she's liked!

Goldie's not sure what else she can do to get the truth out of Marie without outing herself, so she focuses instead on getting Marie hot and heavy. Maybe THEN something will slip? Naturally, when Marie's offered a happy ending, she's a bit flustered but decides to go along with it since Goldie insists it's a normal part of the massage package...

Goldie takes her new mom to new heights as she eats out her pussy and drives her wild with need. Feeling bold, Marie jumps into the fray as well, and Goldie secretly delights in the fact that Marie has no idea she's doing the deed with her new daughter... Of course Goldie will tell her, but how long can she draw this out??

Story inspired by an original submission by Fantasy Massage member, lezlover69_69!

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what a way to meat your new mom
2021-06-15 21:20
Idea for part 2-Dad dies in plane crash after sending Marie a confession of infidelity and giving her all the property.
Mom and daughter meet at services and console each other and start to bond.
Or however Bree Mills wants to do it.
2020-07-20 00:09
user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
Very good scene Goldie and Marie. The dialogue and acting was great. The massage was very good with the exception that Goldie skip right over Marie's gorgeous ass! That could definitely have needed some serious manipulation and stress relief! The face sitting was superbly filmed Casey. Hands down(pun intended!) best part of the video. I think the scene was a little rushed as far as amount of material there was for an extended filming option. This could easily have been a 40 minute video. There could have been a little more massage as I mentioned above, could be a couple more orgasms (I don't think Goldie ever really had one) and the ending was left hanging a bit. Just a couple critiques. But the scene was very good and I love these two natural ladies. Marie's body is fabulous and clean. No tats, great real boobs, long legs, long hair and a natural tummy. Goldie is very beautiful. Has a gorgeous face. I really like her unique hairstyle. Well done Casey and kudos to your crew.
2020-06-01 22:59
I'd like to see a part 2
2020-05-06 07:38
Very good story and casting, love it!
2020-05-01 22:55