Trick Or Retreat

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Video Description: In a cabin where lust hides in plain daylight and ghouls haunt the creaking shadows, three innocent aspiring masseuses are on the all girl massage retreat of a lifetime with their rather foxy massage teacher. Natasha Voya feels like an outcast immediately, having to wait for her massage. Even when the second day comes around she's again the one who has to watch and learn. After losing her shit being freaked in the Jacuzzi, she's really not interested in just watching. She looks for something else to do. But, when she does, terrifying things just keep on happening to her. Once again, Natasha is frozen with the willies after seeing this ghoul who keeps showing up and terrorizing her.

Abigail has a sneaking suspicion about Lola Foxx and Remy LaCroix but doesn't want to bring it up without the proper evidence. Abigail sends Lola and Remy outside to wait while Natasha goes to see what Lola and Remy have been up to during the massages. After searching through everything Lola and Remy own, Natasha finds that they both had the ghoulish mask, and didn't intend on telling a soul. When confronted, Lola tries to make a silly excuse, but Abigail sees right through Lola's bat filled belfry pointing out that if they want to get closer, there are much better ways. You can just imagine what the gorgeous instructor thinks they can do to get a bit closer.

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Too much time spent on the argument scene ... and it's a shame that with 4 actresses, do not eat between 4 .... promised much and has been a disappointment scene.
2015-03-11 20:45
At the minute 11:47 .... Is sooo sexy whit that tinny string !!! Do you have pictures with that lingerie on her ???
2014-10-30 15:49
Natasha Voya is realy sexyy !!! I like her very much !!! Can I see some photos with her in that sexy lingerie ?
2014-10-30 15:38
Massagus Interruptus. This really needed an hour to play out properly, and yes, I had hoped for Abi and Remy to couple there, but I could tell from the running time that it wasn't going to happen. And that massage table was just too small for the four on them to fit on. Oh, yeah, and there is something wrong with Abigail's lips. The sound doesn't come out at the same time her lips are moving.
2014-10-28 20:29
I liked it, but it fell kind of flat for me. The opportunity for Remy and Abigail to fuck had me thinking it would be epic, but when it didn't happen, I was a bit disappointed. I guess I am nitpicking, but it was very creative and the cast was really good.
2014-10-27 19:33