Tickle Fetish

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Video Description: When athlete Tiffany Watson comes in for a massage after some hardcore ab training, masseuse Violet Monroe offers her tickle treatment, because it really works the core. Tiffany follows the fiery haired masseuse into the massage room and takes off her clothes. She lies on the table face down and Violet begins with a soothing massage, loosening the knots in her shoulders, her back and her glutes before starting the tickle treatment.

After relaxing her with a full body massage, Violet begins the tickle treatment. The effects are instantaneous, Tiffany's tummy is very ticklish and it's tightening up her stomach muscles. Violet tickles her arms and shoulders then lets her relax with a few seconds of massage. She resumes the treatment on her inner thighs where Tiffany is majorly ticklish. Her legs flail exposing her manicured pink mink.

Tiffany lies down on her back, writhing and squirming on the table as Violet tickles her some more. Then she tickles her most sensitive spot, between her legs, rubbing her clitoris, working her core. Violet climbs onto the table and makes her cum with the featherlight touch of her tongue. Violet strips nude for a contact massage, body on body. Tiffany sits on her face then eats her out in 69. Violet licks her asshole and rubs her pussy till she cums, spreading her juices all over her lips.

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At the beginning their titles are wrong. Tiffany is the client and Violet is the masseuse, not the other way around.
2017-07-07 06:23
I was really hoping she'd say *oh my gosh* a few more times. Then my wish came true. Liked the Hitler mustachioed bush too. Violet was sexy and bushy as usual though. Oh and does miss Tiffany have one hott pink pucker or what?

Anyone else think the sound was too low in this film?
2017-06-28 19:39
Tiffany HOT! Violet too hairy!! A fun tickle massage. weak ass lick... But fun!!
2017-06-26 17:24
Looking forward to this!!
2017-06-18 12:38