There's An App For That?

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Video Description: Jill Kassidy, a domestic droid, is tidying up Gia Derza's bedroom when she suddenly gets a notification of an update. Gia, who is relaxing nearby, curiously listens as Jill lists off the updates available. While most of the updates are of no real interest to Gia, she DOES become excited when Jill mentions there's a massage app now available. Gia encourages her to download it, then eagerly strips and lays down on the bed to give this new feature a whirl.

Jill dutifully gets to work, although it takes some tweaking to get the massage calibrated just right. Sometimes Jill is a little too rough, sometimes a little too gentle, but they eventually find the right pressure... that soon turns to pleasure. As Jill gradually becomes aroused beneath Jill's skilled hands, she starts prodding Jill to see if she's programmed to do happy endings as well. Much to Gia's delight, Jill remarks that she is and that she'd be happy to give Gia exactly what she needs!

Jill starts by massaging Gia's pussy with her tongue, making her want so much more. Gia's not about to let the droid have ALL the fun, though, as she takes her turn and shows Jill what sex is all about. As they enjoy themselves to the fullest, Gia can't help but wonder what other kinds of fun updates there'll be in the future!

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user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
WOW this was incredible! Two smoking hot all natural ladies, fabulous chemistry, great acting especially on Jill's part, Gia's fabulous ass, Jills long gorgeous legs, Beautiful pussies with great bushes(which I'm SOOO glad have made a comeback), fantastic erotic sex and orgasms. The script or ad-libbing by Jill was awesome from when she "secreted" the oil out of her vagina to begin the massage, her recalculations and affirmatives. "I'm programmed for pleasure" to her "would you like me to orgasm now"? Was all histerical and hot at the same time! Gia's beauty never ceases to take my breath away. Definitely a keeper. Thank you Gia and Jill for this erotic time. Kudos to the sound guys for the little "computer sounds" while Jill the , M. A. I. D was programming and calculating. It really added to the dialogue. Bravo Bree and Crew!
2020-05-23 03:49
When they make sexbots as cute as Jill Cassidy...I'll take two!(for now)
Gia is like that unapproachable girl in school that you wish you could...she's that hot!
2019-11-23 05:05
It’s not a sexbot. It’s a M.A.I.D.D.
2020-05-01 03:55
This was an unusual all girl massage with the android angle but a very good and pleasurable one. Nicely done everybody.
2019-11-19 23:46
Uncle Teddy
This scene is not perfect but Holy Camoly the girls brought it so VERY VERY close.
2019-11-18 23:10
Great bushes! I love it
2019-11-18 22:50