The Unexpected Layover

Video Description: Flight attendant sisters Natalia and Natasha Starr have just had a long flight, and after some cancellations it seems they will be grounded in a foreign place. Unfortunately the toll of the long flight has led to some tension and with the added stress, they need some release even though their room is tiny, and they feel claustrophobic and cranky. The hotel offers them a complimentary massage for their trouble. After a shower and some much needed rest, the masseuses show up and things heat up very quickly, to the point where the sisters' suspicions are soon proven to be true! These masseuses have ulterior motives. Watch as masseuses Kristina Rose and Jada Stevens jump head first into giving their clients a hot ass massage. But that's only the beginning! Stick around to catch the rest of the show!

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2019-04-29 00:44
I really wanted the sisters to fuck. Come on guys it would be cool to see on camera especially if they are twins. Any suggestions anybody?
2019-04-03 14:25
This scene was really hot n the only thing missing was some tribbing. Kristina looked really sexy here and so did Natalia.
2017-03-30 15:15
do a nuru scene with kristina and let her give a footjob!! ppllzz
2015-05-03 06:37
do a nuru scene with jada and let her give a footjob!! ppllzz
2015-05-03 06:36