The Ultimate Package

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Video Description: Quinn Wilde is online looking for massage package. When she stumbles upon one she likes, she calls the parlor and books an appointment. Once at the salon, Quinn gets ahead scalp massage by her masseuse, Rina Ellis. Before the full body massage begins, Rina asks Quinn to strip down and take all her clothes off. Quinn asks if this is necessary; she doesn't feel comfortable taking her clothes off in front of a complete stranger. Quinn smiles and tells her that she has nothing to worry about, adding that she just doesn't want to get the massage oil on her garments. Quinn takes off her clothes - but not her underwear - and lies down as Rina starts working on her shoulders. When Rina asks Quinn if she has any specific areas that she would like to have worked on, Quinn says that her lower back has been hurting. Rina oils up her hands and starts rubbing the area. When Rina accidentally gets some oil on her panties, she tells Quinn that she should probably just take them off seeing as they look expensive. Quinn hesitates but when Rina reminds her that it's just us girls, she relaxes and takes them off. Rina works on Quinn's legs but as soon as she gets a little closer to her pussy, Quinn makes her stop and asks what she's doing. Rina tells her innocently that she's just massaging her legs. When she does it again, she says that Quinn actually wanted this - it's part of the package. The more Quinn relaxes, the more she finds herself liking it, and before she knows it, she's eating out Rina's pussy.

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Wow! Excellent sex!

You don't see this much pussy eating in today's videos Too much focus on goofy BS.
2021-04-18 21:33
Very Good. This is the first time I have watched a film with Rina Ellis. She has one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen. It’s very, very pink (rosy red) with no hair. It’s exceptionally wet. Her petite body is in excellent shape with out any excess weight anywhere. Quinn devours Rina’s pussy many times and thoroughly enjoys it. Quinn have attractive, round enhanced breasts with cute erect nipples. Both ladies have cute, clean ass holes. It’s obvious both girls like pussy and have lots of experience getting women off. They are good together
2020-10-22 22:01
I love seduction massages between Ladies... Rina should have been more persistent in massaging Quinn's alluring gorgeous breasts. Both ladies could have BUT GREAT SCENE Ladies and AGM!!
2018-09-09 10:19
Good pussy eating...ride that face!!! Could have had some rimming to make it even better...
2018-04-21 18:51
DOH! Nuts
Looks like another scorcher!
2018-04-02 10:29