The Tongue Massage

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Video Description: Kendall White works in 'customer service', or at least that's all she is willing to tell her masseuse Sadie Santana when they first meet. Kendall has always had issues with shyness when encountering people for the first time, so the whole experience of getting a massage was something she thought would feel awkward. That's why she waited so long to book her appointment. She was thrilled when she finally found a day spa that only serviced female clients and once she got settled in under the magic fingers of her exotic therapist, the tension and apprehension began to fade quickly. Sadie, asks her to close her eyes and when she least expects it, lands a soft wet kiss right on her mouth as a method of providing a tongue massage! From that point on, Kendall would have let Ms. Santana do just about anything she wanted with that perfect naked body of hers!

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This is the worst scene you have ever filmed here and I have been a member for a long time. I am surprised you would have let it be seen at all.
2014-01-02 19:12
Someone of you said something about this...let me remember...something like "it doesn't live up to the quality standards we're trying to hit"...wait, or maybe it was "we can add it as a bonus update"...yeah, I think it was a sentence like those. Then, can we believe in your word?
2013-12-31 07:01
michelle & jessica
is nice garden having many flowers many size many fragrance many color we liking vid ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :}♥{: pretty blossoms
2013-12-30 22:00
Please man, what do you smoke?
2013-12-31 07:05
The dark girl should get her money back on her implants..smdh. No chemistry and really bad effort.
2013-12-30 21:30
From one of the best scenes to one of the worst in only one week: too much contrast. All is weak and even ugly here, like those bodies with more straight lines than curves. Absolute lack of chemistry or passion. Poor storyline, bad models choice and worse production. Absolutely disappointing.
2013-12-30 09:47