The Softball Player

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Video Description: Ayumi Anime is practicing her softball skills when she takes a tumble and hurts herself. She calls blonde bombshell Jessa Rhodes for a massage. Jessa remembers Ayumi very well and how sexy she is and agrees to see her immediately.

Jessa watches Ayumi undress out of her adorable pink uniform and helps her onto the massage table. Jessa rubs every part of her clients body including her inner thighs and Ayumi is not quite sure where this is going. But Jessa puts on her lesbian charm and promises her lesbian lover she will make her feel a whole lot better.

Jessa rubs Ayumi's perky boobs, then slides her tongue down towards her shaved pussy. She fingers her lesbian lovers tight pussy in several positions making her cum ecstatically. Jessa sits on top of Ayumi's face having her wet pussy devoured by her lesbian lover's mouth. They change into a 69 position, savoring their throbbing pussies moaning in sapphic bliss and pure ecstasy.

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wonder what happen to ayumi anime
2018-12-01 16:32
2018-06-18 04:01
Ayumi is so stunning, and seeing lucky Jessa eat her perfect pussy is such a thrill. Love these two as a pairing.
2017-12-27 21:16
Why was this video re-released as something "new"?? I already downloaded this scene a month ago. WTF?
2017-11-21 16:42
Tony Goldfinger 1
Love, Love, and Love Ayumi. Totally crazy about her. She is sexy, desirable, and beautiful. I like Jessa with Ayumi too.
2017-11-20 03:34
Lucy J.
Love her too!
2017-11-24 12:10
Lucy ur as beautiful sexy to
2021-08-30 21:38