The Self-Conscious Client

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Video Description: Kiera Winters came in today for her first massage. Kiera is very self-conscious, and she doesn't want to fool around, the receptionist greets her, and instead of meeting anyone else, Kiera asks if the receptionist will give her the massage. The receptionist reassures Kiera that her masseuse Raylene is an expert, and Kiera will really enjoy the massage she came for. Raylene is so professional that she feels that Kiera needs some lower back and buttock massage in order to release all Kiera's tightness. Before long Raylene is expertly massaging Kiera's round teen ass. Raylene has Kiera turn over so she can get at her front, but Kiera is so self-conscious that she tries to cover her intimate parts for some privacy. Raylene almost loses it when she sees how tense Kiera is, but when Raylene starts to massage Kiera's perfect teen pussy, Kiera gets nervous. Raylene being the expert she is takes a moment to calm Kiera down and soon, Raylene is lapping up Keira's sweet pussy nectar, and feeding Keira her experienced hairy pussy. Kiera is sure to be free of tension after such a beautiful release.

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Where is Raylene? We need more of her!!
2016-01-02 12:18
Raylene has the sexiest big natural breasts with those fine big nipples in this industry. Rayvenness is right there with her, her nipples fine too! BOTH Ladies have GREAT fine curves in their hot bodies. To Raylene "you don't need to hold you beautiful breast when you move or lie down. You look amazing." Fine sexy scene too.
2014-11-08 09:41
Okay, Im back..Seduction went out the window!!! Self-Conscious, but almost forgot to put towel on and then just over her butt.. Let the massuese arrange it like the old days. Slow seduction and surprise. And the movie before this. British Invasion When she was leaning over her head she should have had panties on to tease her with and rub on her face.. Seduction folks.. Do not start with client already naked, they will be naked soon enough!
2014-09-12 15:44
they don't need to spend the large amount of time they do folding the towel every scene. Yes seduction is great!!
2014-11-08 09:44
Joined your wonderful website today and this is my first film. Very beautiful film-erotic,sexy, vibrant. Not sure I get the comment your other user entered about the real estate agent. I saw Raylene as a convincing, thoughtful, experienced masseuse. Oh, and Kiera Winters coyness and initial reticence added to the film. Maybe Raylene's true craft is in real estate. I can imagine her going the extra mile to make the sale!
2014-07-12 16:51
Lucy J.

Welcome to the site! I'm happy you enjoyed your first film! If you have any massage fantasies I'd be pleased as punch to bring them to reality for you! Just leave an entry in the forum! Welcome again, and enjoy!

2014-07-14 10:11
Raylene left the business about 10 years or so ago, to pursue a career in real estate. Then the crash of '08 happened, and she came back. Now that real estate has once again started moving, apparently she went back into it. Or so the story goes...
2014-08-28 09:26
Oh shit. Raylene is in fine shape but I wish we got to see it in the first half of the movie. That’s all. I think that Raylene is a real estate agent. Maybe the real estate market has picked up now.
“Maitresse” has to do with stumbling on a hidden BDSM cave. A ordinary house but with a hidden dungeon. That’s how I thought of the real estate lady. I like scenarios where it is not in an office but is more organic.
I also don’t care for tats. Thanks. Girls can wear jewelry instead.
2014-07-07 18:04
Lucy J.
That does sound magnificent! I agree on the organic scenarios. They're definitely more believable, and a real estate lady stumbling upon a den of desire would certainly be organic. Sadly, it's difficult to shoot more that four girls at a time. How would you see the Maitresse scenario in this case? ~Lucy
2014-07-08 08:40
I didn't say anything about 4 girls at a time. I really haven't thought of something for AGM, but for your b/g site, the Maitresse scenario would work. The movie is that 2 petty thieves pretend to be door-to-door salesmen. Their scheme is that one guy distracts the housewife while the other robs the place. But in the movie, the guy who is hunting for the jewelry stumbles upon her "little secret". He is caught like a guy is caught in a bear trap. At once, they are exposed as robbers but she is exposed as a high-priced dominatrix! So the setting suddenly changes from a sexless middle class home to a pleasure palace. Its sorta like the Batcave for porn. Its 2 guys & one MILF but plus a nonstandard set. Raylene would be just right for the dominatrix. Its that look and age.
2014-07-08 12:26
Lucy J.
Oh I see!! Ok, well maybe we can do a Nuru scene with this idea.Or it could be a reverse/big twist Tricky Spa scene! ~Lucyxx
2014-07-10 11:10
Yeah, the "Maitresse" setup works better as b/g....Something really needs to be done about 'Tricky'. I think it needs its own "trick". The movie is like that. The guys think they have the upper hand as petty thieves but the trick is on them since their "victim" turns out to be the dominant.
2014-07-10 14:40
Lucy J.
This sounds incredibly sexy and would offer a very nice spin on the tricky spa base scenario. I can definitely see it as a Halloween special, or a break into a new type of trick. We'll see where things go. Bree and I are already more focused on tweaking Tricky Spa, and though it will take a couple months, and liquidating old scenarios, changes are around the corner.
2014-07-14 10:08