The Salesgirl

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Scene Description: Masseuse Serena Blair sells massage tables as a side job. On her day off from the spa, she heads over to visit her spa owner boss Valentina Nappi to deliver her pitch for the product. To demonstrate the features and benefits of her a massage table, Serena invites her to hop on for a massage. Valentina accepts her offer and pulls off her top and skirt in the middle of the room. Serena is uncomfortable with her boss' flagrant nudity and offers to give her some privacy. But Valentina defiantly takes off her bra and her panties there and then. Valentina is open about her body and assumes Serena would be too since she massages naked people all day. Serena tries to bring the conversation back to selling points of the massage table, but Valentina diverts the conversation back to Serena rubbing her ass rather close to her perineum. Serena tries to get out of the awkward situation and tells Valentina that her husband wouldn't like her touching her intimately like that. Valentina points out that quite rightly that he isn't here to see it. She turns onto her back and asks Serena to stroke her pussy. In the interest of making a sale, Serena the salesgirl begins rubbing Valentina's vagina rhythmically. Valentina seduces Serena into fingering her but Serena maintains a professional detachment, even when Valentina gets close to cumming. Then Valentina requests that Serena remove her pants so she can give her pussy a massage. Valentina and Serena switch places on the table and Valentina massages her pussy expertly until she cums. Serena takes a moment to recover from having her mind blown, and then places her mouth over the pink glistening slit between Valentina's legs. Serena slowly moves her tongue over Valentina's swollen clitoris until she brings her to orgasm. Valentina licks Serena's ass from behind and then licks her sensitive pussy so well Serena releases another cum. Valentina wants to test out some tribbing with Serena, and the lesbians mash their juicy pussies together till they cum on the table. Will spa manager Valentina let salesgirl Serena make her commission? Click to find out!

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I loved Valentina's tits flopping when they were tribbing. She is one smoking hot babe.
2017-02-11 16:05
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need better seduction....Serena has a rockn body and pussy and ass!!!!
2017-02-06 19:46
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have never seen a shoot with valentina i did not like till this one and its not her fault... this shoot is a perfect example why as a year long member i quit girlsway the site has been overcome with unrealistic situations with this somewhat of a comedy feel to it and it was a transformation over the last 2 years and now it is popping up more and more on this site.......stick to what made this site good sensual erotic seduction with some reluctance .......nobody does it better than one of your sites girlfriends films who has it down to a tee
2017-02-06 14:07
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This could have been much better if either or both ladies would appeared to the emotions of pleasure from the sex they were having with each other. While both came neither appeared to enjoy the encounter. Both Ladies are very sexy and I'd like to see them try again...
2017-02-06 08:00
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Serena could convince me to buy a bag of fresh air. Whatever she is selling - I'm buying!
I'm sure I could go broke acquiring any old junk she cared to offer so long as it came with a personal demo.
Serena with Valentina looks like an inspired pairing. This could be a very sweet deal.
2017-01-20 19:10
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