The Russian Masseuse

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Video Description: Ayumi Anime prepares the massage table for her next client by making sure the room is nice and tidy. When Serena Blair walks in, she starts explaining that her regular masseuse isn't there and she's wondering if Ayumi can service her. Ayumi cuts her off mid-sentence and, speaking in Russian, tries to explain to Serena that she doesn't speak English. Ayumi then lifts her shirt, giving Serena the message fairly quickly that she wants her to undress. She reaches for her bra and unhooks the strap as Serena tries desperately to stop her. While she covers her breasts, Ayumi takes off her panties, throws them across the room and motions for her to lie down on the table. She drops her bra on the floor and figures he may as well try to enjoy this massage; after all, she did pay for it! As she oils up her body, she runs her hands up and down her back and ass. Serena can't stop talking out of nervousness; she doesn't like taking off her clothes in front of strangers and can barely relax. What's worse, Ayumi is now massaging her ass and getting really close to her pussy. When she moves her legs apart, she focuses solely on her cunt. Serena admits that it feels good but is still nervous. When she does her best to let go and relax, she starts moaning, enjoying the sensation of Ayumi's hands on her clit. The moment she stops talking, she cums. When she realizes that she should have been booking these massages exclusively, she lets Ayumi do whatever she wants and ends up having the best massage of her life.

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Serena is such a good actress this was a great scene I'm glad I found it, like a lot of other people wish there were subtitles would've loved to know what she was saying in Russian.
2021-09-09 14:27
Geez. I must've missed this. It's incredible. The 69 portion of this scene was on fire.
2021-09-04 02:16
Very Hot scene. I love coming back to it. Many thumbs WAY UP. Now, would some one please subtitle it as well. I would love to know what they are saying in Russian. The only thing i was able to understand was Da! lol. Regardless, still a favorite.
2020-10-24 16:51
What an idiot directing. beauty & talent Models!
2020-05-07 12:38
Russian massage da da XD Serena maybe talking little too much this scene but it was good scene still so far i like this actor anyway
2020-03-14 04:12