The Right Lube For The Job

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Video Description: Masseuse Casey Calvert enters the massage room, where Rachael Cavalli is already waiting for her, sitting on the massage table with a towel wrapped around her. They greet each other and Casey asks Rachael to lie face down. Rachael lies down, as Casey drapes the towel over her ass. She then begins to massage Rachael. As she rubs her down, she asks Rachael if she has any particular sources of stress that have brought her here today. Rachael tells her that she has just broken up with her longtime boyfriend. Casey tells her she's sorry, but Rachael says it was for the best. They weren't on the same page, she continues. About the future, like having a family, that kind of thing?, questions Casey. No, says Rachael, more in the...sexual way, she finishes, adding that she always wanted to experiment and he wasn't open. Casey can relate. Her last girlfriend was the same way. Laughing, Casey says that she wanted to try all sorts of crazy stuff but her ex wasn't into it. She remarks that it can be really hard to find someone with the same interests as you. Rachael agrees, saying that's partly why she came to the massage parlor today. To do something that SHE wanted to do for once. Rachael continues, she didn't only come here for a massage, she also came to ask her some questions about massage as a hobby, something she wants to explore on her own time. Casey is happy to help. What did she want to ask her? Well, Rachael says, slightly shy, she wanted to ask some questions about the oil that Casey uses. This piques Casey's interest even more now and she tells Rachael that she's happy to help. Can Casey show her the oil that she usually uses to massage her clients? Happily, Casey agrees to use some of her best oil on Rachael.

Casey oils Rachael up and begins massaging, remarking that she is very tense. Casey moves her hands closer to Rachael's ass. She knows she told Casey that she was interested in massage in general, and that's why she asked her about the oil, but that was a white lie, Rachael says. What she's actually interested in is...other uses for the oil. Casey is definitely intrigued now, her eyes widening as she hears this. In what way, exactly is Rachael interested in oil? Her hands are on Rachael's ass as she asks this. Nervously, after a moment's hesitation, Rachael says slowly, you know, to use as lube. So, Rachael is interested in lube, is she? Massage oil is great, but it's not always the best lube for the vagina, which Casey assumes is the area that Rachael is interested in the lube for. Rachael stops her and says slowly that she actually wasn't interested in vaginal lube. So what place is Rachael interested in lube for? Casey asks as the answer dawns on her. Ohhhhhh, says Casey with a glint in her eyes. Rachael is suddenly embarrassed, saying that she shouldn't have come here, maybe her ex was right. She gets up to leave. Casey soothes her, telling her not to be embarrassed. She broke up with her boyfriend so she could explore new things right? Rachael agrees and lies back down.

Casey asks Rachael to raise her ass a little, and she slips a bolster under her. Casey begins to massage Rachael's ass in earnest, pulling the cheeks apart to reveal her asshole. Casey is getting super turned on by this and lightly spreads the oil on Rachael's asshole. Rachael is still nervous, and a little giggly. Casey continues the massage, spreading Rachael's asscheeks even further, her fingers caressing her asshole as Rachael moans softly.

Rachael is loving every second of it, and so is Casey. After a while, Casey whispers to Rachael that she has one more type of lube to try. The very best type for Rachael's asshole. What type?, asks Rachael. Well, says Casey, it's all-natural, completely organic. It's not something that's sold in stores, but she HIGHLY recommends it personally. Rachael tells Casey that that sounds amazing. She has to know what this lube is. 'Saliva,' Casey whispers seductively. Rachael can't wait to try it, and Casey doesn't make her wait, spitting on Rachael's asshole and lowering her eager tongue to it.

Casey's going to use every skill she has to make sure that she helps Rachael find the right lube for the job...

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user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
Nothing in this world more gorgeous than hearing and watching Casey Calvert having an orgasm! There's just something about her little moan and inhale giggle sound that goes directly to my ejaculation button. Fabulous looks, even better acting and fantastic camera presence. Can you tell I just love her? Good because I do!
Rachael is also fabulous. I love those long luscious legs, large labia spread wide or hanging down in Casey mouth was awesome. The sex was outstanding. Not much as far as "massage" goes, but the pretext was there. Lol.
Great scene Casey, Rachael, Billy and Bree! Thank you all.
2020-07-05 03:50
JohnThomas 23982729
Great shoot with two really amazing actresses. I caveat: The cameraman totally missed the best shot of the entire video when Casey started to cum on Rachel's mouth! At 24:26! I couldn't believe it after all that build up. And Casey signals to Rachel " I want you to make me cum...and then she keeps nodding and saying ah huh! ah huh! You would think the cameraman would have cued on that and got in Rachel's mouth while Casey was twitching and straining with her orgasm! Oh well better luck next time! Thanks Casey and Rachel!
2019-12-10 06:10
Surprisingly, Rachel really does the most wonderful (I wish they had allowed it to go on to orgasm) licking job , here, when I came into the scene expecting Casey to carry it! That alone makes the scene hot enough for me. Again, to my surprise, Casey did not appear too inclined to really dig into Rachel's pussy and was content with licking over at the top. Strange. Ah, to know the why would be interesting. Would love to see these two together, again!
2019-09-30 23:53
i could watch Casey lick assholes for the rest of my life
2019-04-24 12:48
There should be more scenes like that one. Fantastic
2019-03-24 17:35