The Repeat Client

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Video Description: Repeat client Jayden Cole's regular masseuse isn't available, but Ryder Skye will take her. Redhead Jayden has no qualms about stripping naked in front of the purple haired masseuse. She hops on the table and reacts with surprise when Ryder says it's her first day on the job. She's also surprised that her regular masseuse didn't brief Ryder on the kind of massage she likes. Jayden directs the new masseuse to work on her lower back and ass. Ryder finds it suspicious that she's focused exclusively on that part of her body. She's doing her best to knead the muscles in Jayden's ass to her satisfaction, but the finicky client keeps prompting her to touch closer and closer to her vagina. Ryder cools it by rubbing her feet instead. Jayden points out this isn't just a massage spa, it's Roger's place. There's more to it than massaging. Jayden starts to show her the ropes by turning onto her back and placing Ryder's hands on her boobs. Ryder pulls away and massages her hand instead. Jayden thinks Ryder would be more comfortable if she gets naked too. Ryder tries to object. She's a trained masseuse. Well, Jayden's going to teach her something too, to help Ryder realize how lucky she is to work for Roger. The repeat client peels off every item of Ryder's clothing and plants her mouth on Ryder's tattooed pussy. Ryder finally begins to relax in an excited sort of way. She lets lesbian Jayden slowly lick her pussy and softly kiss her clit until she cums. Jayden sits on top of Ryder's lap and starts tribbing her lesbian pussy rhythmically. Then Jayden wants Ryder to reciprocate the cunnilingus, but Ryder balks at the lesbian's request. Jayden insists and straddles her face feeding her pussy to the masseuse. Worked up from all that grinding Jayden releases into her mouth. Will Jayden become Ryder's repeat client too? Click to find out!

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Those tatoos make Ryder an instant slutbag !!!!
2020-08-09 05:37
I hope women with ghastly boob jobs got what they paid for......
2020-06-13 17:47
There was so much potential with these two beautiful girls...but a slow script.
2017-02-23 21:20
These two Ladies are soo sexy but Ryder never seems to be enjoying or wanting Jayden. Ryder seemed STILL not seduced or wanting the sexy. Please try them again where they can want each other or the other Lady they're with. They are too sexy to miss.
2017-02-21 05:25
They both appeared to cum but neither cared whether for the other's pleasure. Ryder should have been happy to pleasure Jaden...Jayden shouldn't have had to say a COLD line like "Are you ready to reciprocate?" Very little emotion between the two...
2017-02-21 05:35
I hate to say it, but there was zero chemistry here.
2017-02-20 16:32