The Perfect Massage

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Video Description: Callie was referred to this massage parlor by her friend Jennifer from the gym who swears by it. Callie made an appointment and arrives on time to meet her masseuse Katie. As the two head into the room and get started Katie is excited about helping Callie relieve her stress. Since it is her first time here Callie just asks to get the same massage that Jennifer always gets. Katie tells her she will do just that and has her lay completely nude on the table. Callie is a little nervous, but Katie relaxes her and starts rubbing her down. She slides her hands all over Callie's body then up her legs and onto her pussy. As she rubs Callie's pussy Katie pulls off her clothes, climbs on top and gets into a 69 with her. Callie might be a little shy, but she is so good at eating pussy that she makes Katie cum. Katie reminds herself that the customer needs to be cared for so she licks Callie's clit while fingering her pussy and makes Callie cum so hard she nearly falls off the table. Callie will be back for another massage very soon.

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An older hidden gem. I'd love to see these girls today.
2019-05-03 04:14