The Nuru Kit

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Video Description: Dani Daniels and Sara Luv get up early most mornings to enjoy a nice relaxing stretch on the balcony overlooking the canyon after their workout together. Their slow sensual movements help Sara to work up the courage to ask Dani to help her with a new project. Sara has been working in massage for a while and she finally has the chance to try a new-to-her product to bring some breadth to her massage portfolio. Sara helps Dani to get clean before the massage, and their playfulness really sets the mood for their slippery embrace. When they find themselves grinding deeply against one another's wet, slippery pussies things heat up quickly. Sara uses her expert tongue to give Dani the orgasm that perfect tops off her massage with a happy ending. No more stress for Dani!

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Very Good. Dani and Sara are gorgeous. Their natural bodies are beautiful, very shapely, with cute pussies and erect nipples and meaty butts and attractive thighs to rub. Dani eats Sara’s pussy until Sara gives us one of her patented explosive orgasms. Sara and Dani treat us to a spot-on, pussy-on-pussy tribbing effort that is extremely sensual. These two women give us a very good massage with NuRu gel; and it’s hot. Sara and Dani come across as truly enjoying each others company. Thanks, ladies.
2021-05-06 13:45
My god pure boring
2021-02-05 11:58
I have to admit it was a little slow and noisy Sara and Dani together in this was awesome. A little more action and a little less rubbing maybe in the future
2020-06-04 06:05
Damn this scene is pretty hot. Sara Luv is one of my favorites and her body is really sexy. Only thing that I didn't like, besides the tarp being a little bit noisy, is that sometimes I couldn't hear what they were saying. Also would've liked to seen a longer tribbing scene with the oil on before the pussy eating, which was hot.
2016-06-15 21:20
anyone know what kind of gel that is.........its name.......or where to get it
2015-03-04 17:04
olive oil
2015-09-04 15:17