The Messenger

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Video Description: Stacie Jaxxx came down to the massage parlor today to tell Mandy Sky that her girlfriend wants to break up with her. Mandy wants to relax and give Stacie Jaxxx a massage because work will take her mind off the suck ass situation at hand. But things start to heat up when she gets her oily hands all over Stacie Jaxxx hot body. The best way to get over someone is to get someone underneath you and that's exactly what Mandy does. Stacie's towel stays on for all of three seconds before it turns into one hot chick slowly working and massaging all the kinks and kinky out of the other. This is a must see scene if you like hot and slow lesbian sex. Seeing Mandy rub her tongue piercing all over Stacie's hard nipples may make you pop before they even get to the serious pussy eating and cumming.

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