The Layover

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Video Description: Riley Reyes and April Snow are two flight attendants trying to unwind before the next leg of their trip. April is especially stressed because she's working a new route with a new crew for the first time. She's so stressed that her whole body is tense, which Riley calls her out on. Unfortunately, when April tried to book a massage with the hotel, there was nothing available, so she has to tough it out... or so she thinks!

Riley is quick to offer a massage to help April relax during their layover. Although April's a little embarrassed at first, she accepts the attention and begins melting under Riley's skilled hands. Little does April know, with each knot worked out, Riley slowly becomes aroused. Eventually, Riley mixes the massage up and has April lay on her front. As Riley straddles her, the massage only gets all the more erotic until Riley finally teases April's butt, insisting that she can make April even MORE relaxed!

April, all warm and flustered, is unable to resist, giving into temptation. The heat between them builds as they go from tasting each other's lips to each other's pussies. As they both work out the tension they've been holding onto it, it looks like this is one layover they'll never forget!

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And let's make note of those 2 great bushes....bring on the bushes
2020-02-09 10:36
Loved it, bring on more of both of them.
2020-02-05 15:15
Uncle Teddy
Hot sexy scene. Played out naturally with good attention paid to massage, warm sensuality and nice chemistry between the girls. Very enjoyable. Thanks, for much pleasure I got from watching.
2020-02-03 08:20
Aussie Fan
Love Aprils sexy panties on that very cute butt and Rileys attention to detail while she 'massaged ' the very sexy April. I really enjoyed this, these two together was fucking sexy and rimming...... OMFG, AGM, these two babes lit up the screen, great chemistry and pussy/butt eating. How's the bush/forrest on April, holy fuck that is hot. Thank you Ladies I fucking well loved this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2020-02-03 05:43
I love seeing Riley really going to town on April's pussy, whatever position they are both in. The filming itself didn't have the usual depth of colour and warmth I normally expect from this site, but I assume this is because of the hotel setting (?). But I cannot fault what Riley and April got up to - now that was full of warmth.
2020-02-03 04:49