The Happy Ending

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Video Description: Carter Cruise is on a midnight stroll, listening to some tunes as she jogs. And it looks like she isn't alone. Whitney Wright is 15 paces behind, watching her with a close eye. When they finally run into each other Carter asks her what's she's doing outside so late. Whitney explains that she had problems at home, had to run away and is basically living on the street. Carter can't help but feel for her and suggests they go back to her workplace where she can have a warm shower and a bed to sleep in. When Whitney walks into the massage parlor she can't believe how nice it is. When she inquires about the mat on the floor, Carter explains the procedure of a Nuru massage. Carter even volunteers to give her one. With nothing to lose, she agrees. When Carter starts taking off her clothes, Whitney wonders if she wanted to go in the shower first. Carter laughs adding that the massage starts with a shower and that they'll be going in there together. Carter starts lathering up her body, massaging her breasts and moving down to her pussy. Whitney is confused but Carter assures her that the main focus should be on relaxing. When she sits her down and start playing with her clit, Whitney loses herself in the moment as she moans in delight. When Carter lays Whitney down on the mat, she lathers up her body with oil making sure not to miss an inch. Determined to help Whitney forget about her problems, Carter focuses on the areas requiring the most relief. She makes her cum over and over again, and the girls finish the session by tribbing. Carter makes sure that Whitney will never forget that the night had a happy ending.

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Les Bodacious
Amazing performances. Carter and Whitney were both terrific and played their characters very well. Outdoor set up to the massage was very cool. Maybe a bit more pussy licking would have been nice but overall a sweet fun scene.
2018-02-21 04:27
looking great
2018-02-10 10:07
Les Bodacious
The night manager is so kind to look after the poor girl. Looks like she gave her the VIP treatment back at the salon.
This scene promises a lot of love and compassion. In the midst of experiencing life’s trials and tribulating.
I’m sensing a little jealousy that she got a free NURU too haha!! Thumb up for more g/g Nuru or thumb down for less b/g Nuru.
2018-02-21 04:29