The Copy Cat

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Video Description: Jessa Rodes is feeling horny today, so she sets out to do what any horny hottie would do. She calls up the internet to look at some porn when her boyfriend busts in. But he is full of good advice when he suggests she go in for a massage! Jessa knows she wants to feel a females touch so she orders up Kortney Kane to work her sore muscles. But what Jessa really wants is to feel Kortney's mouth on her wet and wanting pussy, of which you get great views as Jessa spreads her legs so Kortney can get in there good. She arches her back and pushes her ass hard against Kortney's strong hands and you can tell she just wants it so bad. Jessa has a beautiful, perfect ass and it would be hard for anyone to resist it. Jessa can't take it anymore when she flips over so she starts to masturbate. This is when Kortney takes full control of this situation, kissing Jessa deep and rubbing her clit, assuring her that she is about to get the happy ending that she so desperately wants. These two are hot together as they greedily eat and play with each others pussies until they cum.

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Man, I remember when Jessa had real tits...nowadays...O_O
2019-09-20 01:01
Why do they hire models with tattoos? I hate tattoos. Some of these models do not take care of themselves and really should not be in porn.
2014-08-11 19:16
2of the hottest models I've ever seen.
2014-05-10 21:04