The Come Out Special

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Starring Aspen Rae, Reena Sky
Video Description: When Reena Sky books a walk-in massage, she really appreciates that her masseuse Aspen Rae can take her at the last minute. Aspen prepares the massage room especially for Reena. She slips into a sexy kimono covering up her lacy lingerie. Reena gets undressed behind the room divider. When she gets on the table, Reena divulges she's married to her high school sweetheart. At the time it seemed like the thing to do. Aspen rephrases her words, suggesting Reena is stuck in her marriage, because she got married before she was old enough to experiment. Reena asks her if she means experimenting with a woman. She wouldn't even know how to start such a thing. But Aspen explains it just sort of happens if you let it. She takes off her robe, making Reena question her intentions. Aspen eases her mind by explaining it's only to keep it away from the oil. Aspen continues to talk up the subject of lesbian sex, planting ideas in Reena's mind. Then she gives her a slow and seductive massage. Reena can feel her lesbian intentions. But then Aspen quite abruptly dismisses Reena. Reena confusedly objects. She confronts her about coming onto her and Aspen concedes her attraction to Reena. She agrees to let her experiment. Aspen stays true to her word, teaching Reena everything she knows about licking pussy. Reena gives and receives like a natural born lesbian. The lesbians clutch each other panting and moaning, Reena sucks on Aspens perfect nipples and licks her ass until she cums. Reena's ass shakes as she rides Aspen's hard body, tribbing her juicy pussy until they explode in sweet relief simultaneously!

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grate way to do it
2021-06-15 21:57
aspen freaking fine as luxury car.
2018-12-14 00:34
When will Aspen be back
2018-08-19 12:47
glad 2 see aspen get a boob job. she has such a muscular figure and her boobs were too small for her size. she looked amazing in this video with her new boobs
2017-12-20 20:28
In fact, there needs to be a series of sequels to this, where Reena comes (pun intended) to Aspen for further massage/experimentation sessions.
2017-05-14 23:58