The College Student

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Video Description: Hayden saw a flier for affordable massages hanging up at her school and decided to treat herself. When she arrives she meets her masseuse, the sexy Casey, and told her that she was stressing out from all her exams recently. Cayden assures her that she can help her relax and has her get naked on the table. As the massage starts Casey notices that Hayden is rubbing her pussy while Casey rubs her legs. Casey has Hayden roll over onto her back and starts massaging Hayden's perfect tits. Hayden's fingers go back to her pussy, teasing her clit as Casey rubs her tits. Casey tells Hayden she will give her a full service massage if she wants. Hayden loves the idea and opens her legs up so Casey can lick her pussy. Casey pulls her own clothes off, climbs on top of Hayden and gets into a 69. Hayden cums so hard her entire body shakes as Casey sucks on her clit and she eats Casey's amazing, sweet cookie. Any worry about her exams is long gone.

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To me this video is a “Hall of Fame” porn. Easily in my top 5 videos of all time. This is one I turn on frequently if I need to get off but am struggling to cum. I’ll usually not even make it to the sex before I cum.
2021-06-19 07:52
Bravo ladies! Very very hot! Great seduction. Keep up the great work.
2014-03-21 16:45