The Cleaner: BTS Featurette

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Massive thanks to all involved in making this such a great scene and bringing a fantasy I drafted to life.
Thanks Stills for communicating the concept to Cassidy and Karlie. Must have been difficult on you to see the resistance through and not relent so the girls could simply get into each other like they wanted. The acting was impeccable. It was my good fortune to have the site cast 2 of my very favourite actresses who embraced their roles and totally nailed the scene.
Thanks Lucy for choosing this scene for production - I really appreciate your commitment to maintaining such high standards and your personal dedication to this site.
I'm so pleased because I think the girls really delivered and to see them so excited and aroused after, embracing together when the scene concluded was brilliant. Their shared enjoyment and that they kept cameras rolling for BTS really showed the pleasure they derived from the scene. High fives all round.
2015-11-28 08:37