The Boss's Wife

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Video Description: Dana DeArmond is in the kitchen with her husband, catching up with him before he's out the door for the day. Since he's a businessman, she's worried about the new secretary he hired because she's sure no woman can resist him. The husband, who looks exasperated as if they've had this conversation a million times before, insists that nothing is happening between him and the secretary. In fact, he recently hired a lesbian specifically to put Dana at ease! Even this act doesn't seem to be enough for Dana, though she wishes him a good day and sees him on his way.

Not long after her husband leaves, there's a knock on the door. It's none other than Alina Lopez, the new secretary. She's there to pick up some documents from Dana's husband, her boss. Alina doesn't want to overstay her welcome, but asks if Dana will also let her charge her phone for a few minutes since she needs the GPS to find her way back to work. Even though Dana's tense around Alina, she politely lets her in to give her the documents and charge her phone.

Once inside, they both sit down to wait while the phone recharges. Dana pokes around a bit, trying to learn if her husband is being unfaithful at work, but Alina assures her that he's absolutely smitten with her. Besides, Alina can't imagine her husband doing anything to hurt a gorgeous woman like her!

Dana's barrier slowly breaks down as she confides further in Alina, showing how insecure and tense she is. She's such a worrier! Alina offers to give Dana a massage to help take the edge off, since she's taking classes in her spare time. Although Dana's hesitant at first, she accepts the massage because she really DOES need to learn how to relax.

It's during the massage that Dana starts to finally mellow out under Alina's firm hands. Slowly and surely, the massage turns sensual, replacing Dana's anxiety with arousal instead as Alina comes onto her with a kiss. Although Dana's not sure at first because of the husband, Alina's allure is too hard to resist.

Dana sits back and enjoys herself as Alina sucks on her breasts and gives her deep kisses with plenty of tongue. She has no room for worries as Alina wonderfully distracts her by then eating out and fingering her pussy. By the time the tribbing begins, Dana's head is in the clouds. Maybe her husband having a new secretary isn't so bad after all!

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Normally I go pretty in-depth with my comments on a given scene, with this one, I'm going to keep it as short and sweet as I can:

That was about as close to perfect as I think we can get. Wouldn't change a thing. More like this please.
2020-10-29 22:27
Good that toungue gets soo deep in that pusst
2019-09-25 00:20
The juxtaposition of Dana’s neurotic housewife against Alina’s calm assured characters (and that silky voice) is so hot!
2019-08-25 10:31
Dana is getting so hot as she ages!
2019-04-28 17:58
A hot scene. Dana kept her crazies under control and Alina was terrific at relieving Dana's "tension" . Overall I thought the camera placement and angles were good, but I thought that there were many missed opportunities for close ups of the pussy to pussy contact during the tribbing and the tongue to pussy contact during face sitting. I enjoyed the dialogue, and I appreciated being able to hear it clearly due to good enunciation on the part of the actresses.Definitely a good pairing and a very enjoyable scene to watch.
2019-03-20 23:53