The Big Game

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Video Description: Jayden Lee hurt herself in cheer practice, so on the advice of a friend she's decided to go for a massage. Julia Ann gets the lowdown on exactly what's bothering her but insists on giving Jayden the full body massage that she specializes in. What Jayden doesn't know is that it includes a girl on girl happy ending! Sit back and enjoy the show as Jayden strips out of her clothes, revealing her hot body, perfect little ass, perky tits and numerous tattoos. You'll begin to relax and get turned on as Julia rubs oil deep into Jayden's soft skin, teasing the outer edges of her pussy as she goes. As she massages her ass, Julia spreads Jayden's cheeks to reveal her delicious looking asshole for the camera. After getting into deep muscle territory as she massages Jayden's thighs, Julia spreads her legs so that her face is only a few inches away from her freshly shaved pussy. You can literally see how wet Jayden is getting from this special attention. Julia begins to make out with Jayden slowly and sensually, sucking on her nipples and finally putting her mouth on her clit to make her cum. You will hear Jayden moan as she gets closer and closer to her orgasm.

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The site is very good. Congratulations. Alex
2015-02-15 07:40
Julia Ann is sooo hot in this beautiful sexy scene. Put her and Alison Tyler or Arriella Or Bandi together. WOW this is a FINE as is, more Julia Ann PLEASE.
2015-01-02 08:20
lovely, gentle, very beautiful
2014-06-30 18:11
How long have you been doing massages" Julia: probably since you've been born. Talk about life imitating art. Good scene, would have been great if Jayden went a little further south!
2014-05-10 16:01
Jayden turns out to be quite the pussylicker, I thought for sure she was going to start flicking her very skilled tongue over Julia's puckered asshole. I lost it around the time, never been able to watch the whole scene, 3rd time!!!
2013-12-17 01:53