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Video Description: Liona Levi is on her way to the massage parlor today to see Szilvia. Szilvia is an experienced masseuse with hands worth their weight in gold. She directs the budding Liona to undress while she sneaks a peek. As Szilvia gets to work she gets a bit frisky. She runs her soft hand over Liona's back. SHe eventually can't resist coping a feel of Liona's nice soft ass. Liona flips over, and Szilvia's lust takes over. she begins to rub the teen's shaved pussy. Liona wonders what's up, but since she knows Szilvia is the best at what she does, she goes with the flow. Szilvia fingers Liona's tight pussy, eventually climbing on top of her to taste her taught breasts and eat her out while fingering her! You can tell Liona's second massage ever will be the beginning of a very long business relationship, because she's eager to return the service. What a sight to behold!

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I joined this site to get this scene with Liona, I have now 11 of Liona's girl/girl scenes, shes retired now but there are about 3 or 4 more lesbian scenes from other sites I plan to get eventually to complete my collection. She is the quintessential European model, her face is so unique and exquisite, I love her sweet tiny breast their delectable! Don't think I'm discounting her partner in crime here, Szilvia, shes very lovely too, I agree with all other previous reviews, this is a first class scene and most of Liona's lesbian scenes are very similar in style and substance, I wish there were a site dedicated to this kind of European content, not just massage rooms type scenes but every scenario with these models and the serenity of their love making, and sensuality, I would need not look for porn anymore if that were the case.
2019-06-18 15:29
Привет, может дашь ссылку на видео с Лионой
2020-07-03 07:29
Wow! Super hot video. Super hot girls. Wish there we more like this. Soft, slow and intimate. Genuinely and powefully errotic!
2015-10-12 20:59
Excellent- The best video I have seen so far on this site with 2 completely natural believable models, give us more of this quality!!!!!
2015-05-28 12:28
One of the best on the site. Why? Because you have 2 natural models - no "enhancements", no piercings or tattoos. Would like to see more like this.
2014-01-30 10:47
2014-01-08 17:01