The Ballet Dancer

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Video Description: When ballet dancer Darcie Dolce' regular masseuse isn't available, she gets booked with Cassidy Klein. She shows Cassidy her tension spots then strips off her grey ballet leotard but leaves on her leg warmers. Cassidy applies a bit of oil to Darcie's back and begins to knead her weary muscles. She whips off the towel and goes to work on her glutes. Cassidy asks Darcie to turn onto her back. She massage her thighs, getting awfully close to her vagina.

When Darcie reminds her to focus on her back and glutes, Cassidy apologies for the miscommunication. Darcie sits upright defensively, and Cassidy climbs onto the table and relax and reassure her with a shoulder and chest massage. When she grabs her big full boobs, Darcie objects. She can't believe Cassidy does that to her clients.

Cassidy persists until she gets between her legs. Darcie still tries to fend off the pesky masseuse with her mouth firmly planted on her pussy. The dancer tells her she has a boyfriend who pays for her massages, but Cassidy keeps sucking sympathetically. Cassidy only pulls away to undress herself after making Darcie cum.

Now that Darcie is sold on her treatment she leans in to devour Cassidy's pussy. After Cassidy cums, the lesbians scissor their legs tribbing their juicy pussies. Darcie bounces energetically till they both cum. Darcie pirouettes her tongue extracting another orgasm out her new masseuse. Then Cassidy's mouth massages her client's pussy till they feel like old friends!

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Darci has a smoking body. But she acts like thats all she needs. Way to much competition out there to get past her weak ineffective acting. Shes a great cock pocket, but not much more.
2019-07-24 04:22
Can you label these, upfront, so we can know how soft these are before vlike 20 minutes to see the masseuse massaging the client's inner upper thigh, but not being shown any of it! Legs are spread open, masseuse is rubbing up there, the client complaining that her pussy was just rubbed: no visuals at all. Is this a paid adult website or what?
2017-07-21 23:58
This video was great. Darcie looked amazing but of course with the body she has its hard for her to not look amazing. Cassidy looked really hot too and glad to see her on here again. Would love to see Darcie more on Girlsway again but here would be perfectly fine as well.
2017-04-30 06:58
Life would be perfect if Darcie did straight porn
2017-04-10 22:29
Wow Darcie is the best I seen her, being seduced. Cassidy was FINE!!!
2017-04-10 06:54