Thanks, But No Thanks

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Video Description: When Mariah's boyfriend presents her with a gift certificate for a massage, he ensures her that she will have a female masseuse so that no guys will hassle her. When Mariah arrives and meets the sensuous Briana, she is immediately turned on by her boyfriend's choice. She gets even hornier as they start in the shower and Briana's touch makes her wet. From there, they continue on to the massage bed for an oily tits massage. At this point, Mariah is so into it, that they decide to move to the bed . . . and get rid of the boyfriend.

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Briana is gorgeous, but Mariah's boobs look ridiculous - they must be false. Not much action in this video. Just my opinions.
2019-12-22 12:11
Both girls do a great job fromsraerto finish.....Mariah has amazing breasts and pussy
2016-08-06 20:56
I just love those Girl/Girl scenes; how they gently and softly caress each other! They find such a pleasure to play together for their pleasure to the mutual favor on equal Basis Much better than guy/Girl where usually the guy is serviced for his pleasure! Many a man could find an example to be with his woman
2014-08-05 11:01