Tantric Wives

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Video Description: Mercedes Carrera is at home making a wholesome breakfast for herself and her wife Alison Tyler. It's been months of the same bullshit situation with Alison always leaving to work on some business project, or not having time due to long hours and busy projects. Mercedes is left home alone to do all the housework and still try to find time for her wife, who until today hasn't given her the time she needs. Mercedes is on her last nerve with her relationship and calls for some advice. Her mentor suggests she look into tantric sexuality, and when she does, she can hardly believe her eyes. just the thought of tantric sex makes her so wet that she can't keep from masturbating right there in the dining room! She sets up the house for Alison when she gets home, showing how understanding she is, and allowing Alison a chance to relax and experience something totally life changing. Alison is peeled free from her clothes, and lied down on the floor for the massage Mercedes has planned. Mercedes takes her time adoring Alison's beautiful curves and her soft skin, before breaking out her new tricks and changing Alison's life in ways she will never forget.

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More like this please
2018-03-17 03:44
Only thing I can see remotely wrong with this scene is it ended! Oh, and the fact that 2 women that are absolutely stunning! went "months without being intimate"..... That (in the case of the scene) is blasphemous! However, Mercedes putting in such a smooth and well planned seduction, with quite an artistic flourish, yes, I'm referring to the flowers and pebbles was a very delicate touch. Alison looked spectacular in her business woman apparel and thankfully, took in the scene and complied with Mercedes wishes and plans with sweet acquiescence. I particularly loved the playfulness in the massage with the tease and denial of Alison in the beginning. All in all,a lovely and oh so sexy scene.
2016-03-21 14:19
Two Beautiful Ladies LOVING each other... WOW .. A great scene!!! More Ladies with curves together... PLEASE!
2016-01-12 18:18
We can never have too much Mercedes
2016-01-11 21:05
Lucy J.
So happy Alison Tyler is back on the site! Excited to hear what you guys think of this scene!
2016-01-11 09:47
Is very sexy!! I love full Lady curves and big breasts. Thanks More Lady/Lady PLEASE!!
2016-02-07 11:51
I, in particular, love this scene. I learn a lot from women.
2017-11-23 08:30