Swim Coach

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Video Description: Jelena Jensen is having an adult swimming lesson. She doesn't know how to swim, and she's about to go on a boat trip with some friends. She's a bit embarrassed, but Natalia Starr knows just how to make her feel comfortable. That is, until Jelena's top falls off! Natalia takes her top off as well to make Jelena feel more comfortable. When their swimming lesson is over the club offers a massage. Natalia really shows her chops when it comes to rubbing Jelena's beautiful soft body. When Jelena's Massage begins to heat up, she feels heat coming from her loins. Natalia doesn't flinch for a second when jelena guides her hand to her pussy for an internal massage. Natalia even starts to feel more and more horny herself and before long they're both on the table licking one another and massaging each other's pussies with their warm wet tongues.

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Four perfect tits
2020-12-21 15:14
Great scene, but it's perfect scene with more oil...
2019-10-10 11:15
I'd like it if you existensing with a push lawn mower, its like exercises.
2019-09-25 02:09
I hadn't glanced at smurfette in the tropical shrubbery though I had been ganlicing at you two in your fenceless zoo or a fencing electrical skull cap farther from you two?
2019-09-25 02:07
I didn't galnce at smufette in the shurbershlo2ge89o845lo
2019-09-25 02:06