Surrender Your Stress

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Video Description: Big shot lawyer Lyra Law gets off a stressful legal call in time for her standing appointment with sexy masseuse Kimmy Granger. No one is better at law than Lyra Law, and nobody better forget it. But Kimmy is no ordinary masseuse. Kimmy makes Lyra Law submit to her will. In this space Lyra is free to be powerless and submissive, the opposite of her daily life busting balls and winning cases. Kimmy's massage table is the one place she can surrender her stress. And Kimmy Granger is the one girl who can tell Lyra Law what to do. When Kimmy orders Lyra to undress, the controlling attorney obeys. She removes her pencil skirt and shirt, revealing her black lace lingerie. Kimmy confiscates her cell phone, then her bra. She oils up her perfect ass then slips off her panties and feeds them to her. Kimmy explains to Lyra that it's time to punish her for being mean to the people at her law firm. Lyra must comply. She loves coming here to submit to her Mistress Kimmy Granger. Kimmy ties Lyra's hands in sexy pink shackles. She puts her in a pink collar, and covers her eyes with a blindfold. Kimmy instructs her lesbian sub to lie down on her tummy, spanking her ass as she oils her body. Kimmy takes off her own scrubs and tortures Lyra with her slowly seduction, making the lesbian squirm from the buildup of heat in her nether parts. Kimmy makes Lyra give her an orgasm, rubbing up against her smooth foot. Lesbian mistress Kimmy makes Lyra moan in delight spreading her pussy and ass cheeks. She delicately fingers her hairy pussy, driving her wild with the heady combination of pleasure and relinquished control. Lyra cums when Kimmy tells her to. Then Lyra sticks her tongue out to lap up Kimmy's soppy wet pussy when she lowers her ass over her face. Lyra is begging to cum and spreads her legs obscenely. Kimmy tongues her bushy pussy till she explodes!

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I got bored of all the goddamn talking and never finished the scene. I had to watch for 25 minutes and STILL no sex; oh man that was boring!
2021-08-27 22:19
Sex, orgasms were great but I just couldn't become totally convinced that Lyra's role could become submissive that easily. I guess I'm to use to her playing the tuff, rough, passionate role more. Kimmy was great. Her usual petite gorgeousness. I loved the sideways face sitting with her ass towards the camera. And the way she tickles Lyra with her hair. Lyra still has a fabulous body! Love that ass and her gorgeous bush! Very good scene ladies. Thank you.
2021-08-23 04:01
One of the very best consensual sex massage videos I've seen. Really enjoyed how this played out.
2020-08-18 23:08
I thought it was fabulous...Kimmy being all tough and bossy. Lyra was hot being a submissive. Don't see this kind of action here often so it was a real treat for me.I'd like to see more of these two together.
2019-12-01 17:50
not much of a massage but I do like the tushy spanking, wish it was more erotic and sensual though! Lyra has a heavenly hiney!
2017-06-17 00:51