Surprising Mom At The Office

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Video Description: Aaliyah Love is busy at work, stressing out in front of her computer. Meanwhile, her step-daughter, Cadence Lux, sneaks in to pay her a surprise visit, hoping to help take some of the stress off. She knows her step-mother has been working a lot lately, and can see the tension she's carrying in her shoulders.

With completely innocent intentions, Cadence offers to massage Aaliyah to help her relax. Aaliyah is thankful for the offer, readily taking her up on it. As Cadence stands behind her and starts massaging her neck and shoulders, Aaliyah feels the stress slipping away, which also means little moans and groans escape her as well.

When Cadence started this massage, the last thing she expected was to become aroused by her own mother! Yet, that's exactly what happens as Aaliyah's moans make her quiver with pleasure. Aroused, Cadence slowly massages beyond the shoulders, her hands cupping and squeezing Aaliyah's breasts. By this point, Aaliyah's so turned on by her daughter's hands that there's little resistance as they come together to share a sensual kiss.

The kissing quickly gives way to a steamy encounter as they undress so that Cadence can massage Aaliyah all over... She sucks on Aaliyah's breasts before working her way down to massage Aaliyah's pussy with her tongue. With how relaxed Aaliyah is now, Cadence's welcome to visit and massage her anytime!

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I've a total lesbian crush on Cadence Lux but my gf is ok with it, she's on her list as well. Aaliyah was 38 when this was filmed? Is she blessed by the gods and goddesses or what? I was heartily impressed at Cadence tip toeing up to Aaliyah in those heeled boots. Now THAT is talent.
2020-03-25 13:25
Great scene, and Aaliyah is super-cute! Thank you!
2019-08-27 14:04
willy204 - user_23586951
Kudos to both actresses for an amazing job! Hot and sexy with great chemistry! Made me hard watching you too lick each other with such relish! Thanks to Aaliyah and Cadence for some hot erotic entertainment!
2019-06-09 03:27
They did good with the hair and makeup plus, Aaliyah makes a cute stepmom.
2019-05-05 05:05
straight -up this sexy film got my attention,thank you girls. 10/10
2019-04-29 18:20