Supermodel Massage

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Video Description: For masseuse Alix Lynx it's just another day at the spa, that is until Supermodel Chloe Amour walks in for a full release rub down. Alix can't contain her excitement, as Chloe begins to tell her all about walking the runways of Paris and Rome. The best part, as always is getting to watch her undress. The massage begins innocently enough as Alix prepares Chloe's body with a healthy dose of oil. Once Chloe turns onto her back, the fun really begins. As Alix removes the towel resting on Chloe's pussy, her light blue thong is drenched with pussy juices. Alix is slightly embarrassed but also feeling a little wet herself. Chloe drops the innocent girl act and guides Alix to her soaking wet pussy, they both realize the massage has taken on another form and that in the end it's not Alix's hands that will keep Chloe cumming back for more, it's her warm lesbian mouth!

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Chloe with that choker...marone a mi!
2020-04-19 18:32
Stills By Alan
this one was a lot of fun!
2016-09-04 19:01
I agree with Cubone here. Chloe has never looked better than she has in this video. She looked really fucking hot.
2016-08-01 23:40
Love seeing the wet panties, want to see more of that. Both ladies did a great job!!
2016-07-27 03:14
Chloe looks fucking amazing here
2016-07-24 20:25