Squirts Up!

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Video Description: Surfer Karla Kush arrives at the massage parlor, carrying her surfboard. Masseuse Krissy Lynn greets her, clearly liking Karla's sexy bikini look. They make small talk, both looking a bit sweaty and mentioning that it must be the hottest day of the year. Krissy apologetically tells her that their AC is broken. Karla says that's why she just went surfing: the AC at her house is broken too and she wanted to cool off.

Karla mentions that she wants to get a NURU massage. Krissy tells her that a NURU massage begins with a shower. That's perfect, she needs to wash the beach off of her anyway! Karla says. They go to the shower area.

Karla and Krissy both get naked. They glance at each other's bodies approvingly. Krissy washes Karla and the shower quickly gets steamy as they caress each other's soapy bodies. Anxious to have some fun with Karla and the NURU gel, Krissy suggests that they proceed to the massage portion.

In the massage room, Krissy is about to start body sliding on Karla and grabs the NURU gel bottle. She's disappointed to discover that it's empty and informs Karla that they are all out of NURU gel. Karla is also disappointed. Krissy seems to get an idea and perks up. Since they're both wet from the shower and this heat is ALREADY making her sweat again, maybe they can use all of that...MOISTURE to facilitate the body sliding? Karla, ever the risk taker, agrees, saying suggestively that it sounds 'wild!'

Krissy body slides on Karla's back, using their sweat and moisture from the shower as lube. Both women seem to enjoy it, although it's not quite the same as the real gel experience. Krissy has Karla flip onto her back and Krissy body slides on her front.

As the massage becomes more and more overtly erotic and the sexual tension increases, Karla observes that body sliding is kind of like surfing actually. 'Except instead of a wave...you're riding...ME,' Karla adds seductively. She kisses Krissy, who is very receptive. They both become increasingly aroused and start to give up on the body sliding in favor of erotic touches and body worship.

Karla breaks away from another kiss, saying that it's a shame that there isn't any gel and that they seem to be drying off now. With some more lubrication, they could REALLY have some fun.

With a glint in her eye, Karla says that she has a crazy idea...there may be...ANOTHER type of fluid they could use. Krissy's eyes widen as she grasps what Karla is talking about - squirt juices! Krissy slides down, slipping her fingers into Karla's wet pussy. It doesn't take long for Karla to cum, unleashing a jet of her sweet juices.

Squirts up, ladies!

Story inspired by an original submission by Fantasy Massage member, IggyEgo!

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Wow I'm Ecstatic. What a Performance, Just Incredible.
2021-07-09 14:34
Excellent! The Best.
2021-07-02 20:04
Best scene i’ve ever seen in my life, please bring back karla kush and krissy lynn!!
2021-04-25 14:10
One of my all time favorites. Had to come back and watch it again. It would be nice if all the new material was as good as this. This really needs a follow up (or a series). I think great additions would be Lacy Lennon and Serene Siren. Have them rotate in and out and a 3 way or two.
2021-03-21 10:08
Outstanding. Karla and Krissy are good friends who, for the first time, get each other extremely turned on in this very action packed and enjoyable film. Karla and Krissy soap each other down in the shower to cool each other down since the air conditioning isn’t working. Krissy plans on giving Karla a massage but soon realize there is no gel/oil. So they quickly use their wet bodies on each others in place of the missing gel/oil. They get so turned on that they start squirting their bodily fluids on each other and use that fluid to slide over each others bodies. These cute, sexy ladies use great pussy licking and sucking and eating and fingering and rubbing and tribbing to generate the squirting fluid. Karla is constantly fingering her ass hole with her index finger. It’s very sexy and erotic. Krissy has a gorgeous face and body with large enhanced breasts, a round ass, great legs, and a sexy wet, pink pussy. Karla has very long, erect nipples and cute, pink, pussy lips. Their bantering and laughing and joyful sharing of body fluids make this effort top notch. They are great together in this film.
2020-11-27 23:40