Squirting Stretch

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Scene Description: Megan Rain drinks an ice cold glass of water, and then another, while she looks for a hot yoga class she can attend. She calls a studio that agrees to raise the temperature. Megan likes it hot because she loves to sweat a lot. She gets off the phone after making an appointment for the following day. When Megan shows up for her yoga class, and it's just her and instructor Adriana Checkik. Something jogs Megan's memory, making her think that she knows her. She flashes back to a yoga class she took with Adriana where they had a squirtfest all over the studio floor. But Adriana claims to have no recollection. Adriana guides her through a series of postures, stretching out the back and the legs, and Megan keeps complimenting her tight little shorts. Adriana gets up to adjust her student, but Megan slips as she attempts a move she saw in a video. She twists her leg when she falls out of the pose. Writhing in pain, she begs for help, Adriana rushes in to assist her with a massage. She applies some oil to her leg, assuring Megan she's a certified massage therapist. To avoid getting oil on her clothes, Megan whips off her shorts in a hurry, flashing her cute hairless beaver. Adriana cheerfully indulges her student's wish to be naked. She massages Megan, cautioning her to progress carefully and with the guidance of a teacher. Adriana drizzles more oil and kneads the muscles around Megan's glutes and inner thighs. Megan playfully insists she massage closer to her privates, and places her hand on her vagina. She says it's okay because she really likes girls. In fact, lesbian Megan wants to make Adriana feel better too. She pulls Adriana's top off before she has time to object. But Megan spends only seconds on the massage before she takes what she wants, a taste of her wet pussy. Adriana tries to stop her, but Megan licks Adriana from behind, whittling away at her will to remain professional. She tries to explain that she has a class after this. But when Adriana turns over, Megan sucks her clit and makes her shoot a stream of squirt all over the floor! Megan sticks her pussy in Adriana's face, and rubs it till it rains all over. Adriana is utterly amazed and grabs her for a kiss. She scissor fucks the student, shaking her firm round ass until more squirt pours from her pussy. She fucks Megan's face and eats her in 69, finger-fucking her with lots of oil and four digits deep inside. The lesbians are having a great time, splish-splashing in their squirt. Adriana spins Megan around on the soaking wet floor. Then Megan sticks her whole fist in Adriana's pussy and fucks her to orgasm. She catches her juices in her mouth and makes Adriana kiss her so she can taste herself. Adriana sticks her hand in Megan's pussy and she bounces on it. Then she rubs her pussy onto Adriana's. She gives Adriana's pussy a footjob until she squirts a stream so far it lands on Megan's pussy. Adriana begs for more, so Megan stuffs her pussy with her fist till she juices her. Adriana tribs her in gratitude, squatting over her widespread vagina, squirting directly into her hole. They tumble onto the floor, slipping and sliding. Adriana begs for another cum, so Megan rubs her clit softly till she squirts one more time in the air!

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wow, what a hot erotic wet scene! too bad Megan is so shy, lol, NOT! love Adriana and her perfect shiny hiney tushy tush! I think I pulled a groin just watching and they were the ones doing the yoga, guess I gotta stretch before watching these videos!
2017-05-20 22:45
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Spectacular, Squirting Extravaganza" is what this should have been called!! Wow,; Half way through this skit I was in stitches at the fun these two cuties were having as they spun each other around and around in their bodily fluids. I kept asking myself, "There cant possibly be any fluids left", but it just would not end and I had only made it 3/4 of the way through this bonanza of fun. "I" found myself exhausted, and hadnt done a thing but watch in complete amazement. I thought I had seen it all, as they say, but nay, not so. Kudos A.G.M. for a Superb job well done! ... db brownie
2017-05-02 20:28
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this scene was the best one by far.
it had squirting it was rough passionate messy
Please more and more scenes like this only
2017-03-11 01:49
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I bacame a member of this site because of the sensuality, erotism and quality of the videos. I definitely don't like this kind of stuff at all. I hope I won't see another one in the future.
2017-03-07 17:17
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I like Adriana's sweet curves
2017-03-07 07:55
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