Spring Break

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Video Description: Teagan Riley and Lola Foxx have been working hard in L.A., and thought Vegas for Spring Break would be an absolute blast, but after days of partying and long nights of dancing, Lola is flat exhausted and very tense. Teagan wants nothing but to continue their party week, but Lola feels it is just too much! They compromise. Lola gets a massage from Teagan in exchange for another night out. The massage is well under way when Lola brings up Teagan's break up with Vanessa. As the conversation gets hotter, the Massage follows close behind. Teagan can barely contain herself, and when Lola reassures her that she's doing a wonderful job, Teagan takes advantage of the situation and begins to suck Lola's beautiful tits. Teagan takes control, and gives Lola's cute pussy the massage it desperately deserves, eventually taking her clit in her mouth, massaging her pussy with her strong tongue. Soon they are eating each other out expertly in 69 and cumming at the top of their lungs! Lola has won Teagan over, and instead of going out they decide to use the in-room bathtub!

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@ "i'm glad you enjoyed the scene sir. it is one of my very favorite that i have shot for AGM for its lighting and cinematography. i'm very proud of it. and you are right the intro featured footage i shot at the top of the stratosphere. good eye! - Stills By Alan"

Ah, well I couldn't think of anything else that would give that view without hiring a helicopter. I know that it's on your sister site, WY, but I have to say that 'Coming Home' captures the scenery at the Grand Canyon as well as any I've ever seen, in any medium. Makes me wonder if you've shot for Arizona Highways in times past(or currently, as my be).
2014-06-05 20:46
Stills By Alan
yes. i shot all the footage of the grand canyon in WY:Coming Home myself on a trip i took out there. i have a passion for landscape and nature photography so i always try to incorporate some amazing footage in my scenes when i visit places like that. its always nice to hear that members appreciate it! if you are a fan of such scenes, stay tuned on AGM because i took a very special trip earlier this summer and incorporated some of that footage into a VERY special scene. you'll know it when you see it. i except it to come out later this summer. and no, i never worked for the AZ Highways. -SBA
2014-06-16 18:33
That sounds intriguing. I'm a bit of a landscape photo nut, too, to the point that I can be somewhat annoying to companions just looking to get to a destination. I don't know how easy it would be to pull off, but as scene shot in or somewhere around Timber Cove, or Salt Point would be beautiful. In any case, I look forward to wherever it is you shot. Btw, are the fonts and background on AGM going to be fixed so it's easy to read? I've seen several complaints on the forum, but no response. As it is, without adjustment, it's almost impossible to read the text on the page.
2014-07-28 12:02
As always, Lola is a 10. I liked this scene more than the previous comments. The Lola\Sovy scene is the best on the site. When BOTH women can act and are confident and comfortable on camera it really makes a difference.
2014-05-26 21:36
Gee, am I the only one who liked this scene? And by that I mean a lot. I was actually quite taken with the way the lighting played off the girls bodies, and I also liked the contrast between the bubbly Lola and the more calmly assertive Teagan. The reflections of the city lights and the girls in the window added atmosphere I don't often see. I also didn't think the lighting took anything away from the sex; there wasn't anything I couldn't see well enough. I don't know anything about the BTS dynamics, but it seemed to me that Lola and Teagan were well paired, but it might have worked better if Lola had been given the lead in this. It takes a lot of experience for a girl with Teagan's demeanor to learn to use it effectively on-camera; I give you Prinzzess as a shining example of that. Personally, I think she has a lot of potential, and as Lola said, I like her tits.

Ok, this should give Bree the clue she needs(if any)...the closing shot of the strip in the opening video montage...Stratosphere, am I right?
2014-05-26 21:36
Stills By Alan
i'm glad you enjoyed the scene sir. it is one of my very favorite that i have shot for AGM for its lighting and cinematography. i'm very proud of it. and you are right the intro featured footage i shot at the top of the stratosphere. good eye! - Stills By Alan
2014-06-01 21:30
I have to agree that Lola brings it, but Teagan didn't do much for me. You guys have done outstanding work, but this one is just ok.
2014-05-26 18:18
I like almost everything you guys do,and i've never left a bad review.. but this scene is pretty mediocre, and whats up with lighting?.. everything is in the shadows......
2014-05-26 09:36
Ms Bree Mills
Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your thoughts with us - I appreciate it. Without sounding too BS, I am genuinely thankful that you chose to speak up, especially since you don't often leave comments - it really shows me that you care about this site and want it to be the best it can be. We shot this scene a little while ago and, honestly, tried a few new things with the shoot that were new to us - such as the location and filming at night. The location was beautiful but a bit tight so we didn't use all of our normal lighting gear, hence the shadowing. As for Teagan, she hasn't been cast in any other scenes and I will take your feedback into account. Thanks again, Bree
2014-05-26 10:17