Sore Bottom Blues

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Video Description: Georgia Jones undresses in a private massage room, although she moves carefully because of her aching butt. When her masseuse, Kristen Scott, enters the room, she tries to play it cool, although Kristen immediately sees that something is bothering her client. However, Georgia isn't ready to give up her secret so soon.

Kristen slathers oil onto her hands and begins massaging Georgia's back. As she works out the tension, Georgia becomes more shy about her butt being sore. She soon admits that she likes being spanked and that her girlfriend MIGHT'VE gotten a bit wild the night before... Kristen is not fazed by this admission and instead offers to use a bolster to give Georgia's butt the loving attention it deserves.

Once Georgia's butt is raised, the massage becomes even more thorough. Although she tries to behave, Georgia can't help but to become aroused. When Kristen's hand accidentally grazes over her pussy, Georgia's electrified. It isn't long before she's cheekily asking for the massage to become even more intimate and they eagerly plunge their fingers and tongues into each other's pussies.

Georgia's got a case of the sore bottom blues, and Kristen has the perfect cure!

Story inspired by an original submission by Fantasy Massage member, Neptune!

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user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
So much to love about these two ladies. Kristen's incredible acting, her adorable hair style is so cute and girlie, her fabulous hands, her great and awesome orgasms, that pattented giggle and then there's Georgia. Her awesome erotic expressions, her dripping pussy, those amazing erotic orgasms, her adorable little girl laugh after she cums, her beautiful eye rolls and a great actress. This was an above above spectacular scene. Well filmed, good writing, good lighting and fantastic chemistry between Kristen and Georgia. My only observation is a couple of times you could hear the director giving out instructions that where not edited out. Other than that, awesomeness!
2020-03-25 20:39
Agree that lesbian scenes should have NO male voices! These women know what they're doing, and how to do it!-so please edit the guys out! Kristin is perfect in every way!
2020-04-27 02:13
I like that moment when the masseuse surreptitiously checks out the client and it’s so natural, you wonder if it was acting.
2019-08-10 13:13
Great scene, both girls obviously loved it. The parts where we saw how wet their pussies were and then the juices on their faces, were especially hot.
I’m pretty sure I remember reading on Twitter that Kristen and Georgia had a scene where Kristen made Georgia squirt (a first in Georgia’s career, quite the accomplishment to Kristen). I’m pretty sure the Tweet (I can’t find it now) said it would be on All Girl Massage. I did not see any squirting in this video, dripping yes squirting no, nor do I see any comments or other hints to it in the scene. Can’t anyone help me out on that? Is it in the scene and I missed it, edited out, in another scene etc.
2019-08-07 03:03
Can someone please explain to you are going to title a film "Sore Bottom Blues"....and not include a rimjob? -_-
2019-08-05 17:41
I'll sum up this release in 2 Words *Kristen Scott*
2019-07-30 03:53