Softening My Sister

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Video Description: It's been too long that step-sisters India Summer and Nikki Daniels have seen each other and this weekend they have the whole house to themselves. With the family gone, these sisters are planning to take full advantage in one on one bonding. Nikki enters India's master room, lays on the bed, reminiscing on all the naughty things they got away with when they were young. From all night partying to sweet memories of the two sisters cuddling throughout the night. But the most memorable nostalgia was them making sweet lesbian love. India remembers how Nikki used to pamper her with tantalizing massages and entices her for a trip down memory lane.

Watch today as the two sisters rekindle with a seductive episode of lesbian love making!


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2017-06-20 21:20
India is always a good wank. Glad to see her again on Fantasy Massage. I find Nikki's big sexy clit such a turn on even when she has a nice big bush. But she appears clean shaven in this video and I wish you would have spent even a little time on her mound so we could enjoy that clit in all its glory. Oh well, maybe next time, which is hopefully very soon!
2015-10-24 19:36
Great performance
2015-10-21 19:02
sister role perfect...seduction weak. one should have been the seducer, the other shyly giving in.
2015-10-19 20:35
WOW This looks so sexy hot!! I can't wait!! More please... It's Ok if the ladies have rounder curves and bigger tits...
2015-10-01 19:15