Small Town Massage

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Video Description: Bella Rolland is a big city girl stuck in a small town for a family trip, and she is NOT impressed. Her back is aching and she can only find one masseuse in town -- just one! And when she arrives at the parlor, she is not impressed by its amenities. It lacks everything Bella feels she needs to really get the knots out of her back.

Meanwhile, Jenna Foxx, the masseuse and owner of the parlor, is patiently listening to Bella complaining. She tries to smile through it all but Bella doesn't make it easy for her. Nonetheless, when Bella finally calms down, Jenna's able to give her a massage. That doesn't mean Bella stays quiet, though, as she continues to complain and brag, giving Jenna a headache. Finally, Jenna decides to show a little small-town hospitality and gives Bella a happy ending to try and shut her up.

Bella is vocal in a different way now as Jenna goes down on her, diving into her pussy. Even though Bella likes to talk smack, Jenna's able to actually enjoy herself, especially when Bella returns the favor. But will Bella be a changed woman after the massage or will she go back to her big city ways?

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Uptown girl, she's been living in her uptown world..."^^
2020-05-05 16:48
I can't believe I missed this one. So hilarious!
2020-03-28 08:21

BUT spoilt by the models looking for instructions????

nothing worse than seeing a gal getting fingered only for the recipient to look for guidance

Great video just the directing needs work
2020-03-10 16:18
Brownie 69
MORE/MORE/MORE of Jenna Foxxxxx .....please!!?? db
2020-01-20 09:04
Damian 73
What a great scene Bella and Jenna were awesome together. Alot of all girl massage scenes can take a while to get into the sex but i loved how Jenna didn't waste any time getting into it. Also loved how well Bella played the stuck up I'm from New York role. Superb wotk ladies.
2020-01-17 22:46