She Isn't a Masseuse!

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Video Description: Tiffany Watson is lying down getting a massage. Mercedes Carrera's powerful hands work out all the knots in her back, and Tiffany is exactly where she wants to be. A short time later, Mercedes informs Tiffany that the massage is over. She mentions taking her time getting up since she might become lightheaded. Tiffany relaxes for a moment, then gets up and gets dressed. When Alina Lopez walks in the room, she asks if Tiffany will be massaging her today. Tiffany can't believe how hot Alina is and will do anything to see her naked. So she lies and tells her that yes, she is indeed the masseuse who will be servicing her today. Gushing over Alina's body, Tiffany helps her undress. When she lies down on the massage table, Tiffany goes straight for her breasts. Alina rolls her eyes and asks what she's doing. Tiffany is in awe and can't believe how perfect her body is. She starts massaging Alina's shoulders but quickly moves down to her ass and slaps it. As she watches it jiggle she's mesmerized. When Alina asks her if this is a new technique, Tiffany tells her that it is. When she starts slapping her pussy, Alina is clearly weirded out. Tiffany knows that if she does it long enough, Alina will eventually like it. When Tiffany assures her that no one is going to walk in and see them, Alina feels a little more at ease and begins to relax. Tiffany has Alina turn over and starts massaging her breasts. Before Alina has a chance to protest, Tiffany is licking her nipples and asking her if she likes it. Alina isn't sure if this is what she signed up for but is enjoying the ride nonetheless. When Tiffany starts playing with her pussy, Alina's all in.

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Great scene, but sometimes Tiffany's talking is too much. It makes me think that she fakes her orgasms
2021-08-29 15:54
I’m beginning to wonder why this sort of situation doesn’t happen often in real life…
2021-06-21 02:46
It doesn't happen because the whole massage parlor would hear people fucking.
2021-08-29 15:56
I've never left a comment on any site. I suspect you knew it before you finished shooting...Tiffany's performance in this scene was truly unique. You've made "spoof" scenes but this was different...this was HER and she was simply hilarious. She's always been hot, but when she hit her stride here I was busting up and she she just kept getting better. I don't know if it was.... but it felt like ad lib. I'm telling you, you have to capitalize on her talent, this character should become a series for her. I'll try to stop gushing here...that was as much as I've enjoyed a scene in years. Bravo Tiffany Watson
2020-05-13 03:12
real funny! Tiffany is very talent and of course beauty Model. That other Model is great beauty too. Good humor & directing
2020-05-07 12:54
Why does almost every one of these girl massage videos have the girl act shocked and protest when her pussy or boobs are touched? It ruins the fantasy for me. Just let her relax and enjoy it!
2019-05-17 13:40