Second Cousins, Twice Rubbed

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Video Description: Vienna Black has booked a massage for the day but neglected to tell her girlfriend. Being the jealous type, her girlfriend is royally pissed off at her. Vienna assures her that it's just a massage and can't figure out why she's overreacting. When her girlfriend threatens to break up with her, Vienna tells her that she doesn't have time for this as the masseuse is at the door. She says goodbye and hangs up the phone. She lets Ashley Adams in and apologizes for making her wait. She then leads her to the living room to set up her massage table. The girls start chatting as Ashley massages Vienna. Vienna even tells her about her jealous girlfriend and they have a good laugh. Despite the obvious chemistry between them, Ashley feels a little off about Vienna and can't quite put her finger on it. When the girls find out where there from, Ashley starts realizing that they've met before. The girls start talking about how their families used to go away to a lake house and suddenly it hits Ashley, their second cousins!! Vienna laughs as she hugs Ashley. But Ashley feels weird; she was just massaging Vienna's crotch and getting turned on. When she suggests calling another masseuse to finish the massage, Vienna tells her she's being ridiculous. Their moms are cousins, so technically it's not even that big of a deal! Vienna tells her to go ahead and finish the massage, after all, they were just getting warmed up!

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Dr. Alucard
Ain’t nothing without a rim.
2018-12-09 21:28
Kenneth M
WOW! Hot scene.
2018-09-29 09:49
Kenneth M
And please bring them back together again there are so hot together. Loved this scene!!!
2018-09-29 10:10
The Ladies are sooo Hot together... Ashley Adams is GORGEOUS!! Loved this scene!!
2018-08-21 08:03
Vienna licks major ass! Good story line. Great hot sex! Let's do sisters and just make a disclaimer at beginning or Mom and Daughter!!!
2018-08-20 15:30
More lesbian scenes from Ashley Adams! So sexy the way she licks ass!
2018-08-20 10:23